Is the homosexual lifestyle better than the heterosexual lifestyle?

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  • In my opinion no:

    If you think about it, the word heterosexual just means to use your reproductive organs as they were adapted to be used. In real life the number of homosexuals in the US is 2%. This indicates how uncommon the practice of homosexuality is. So by way of choices that people actually make the heterosexual lifestyle is better if we mean it is preferred.

  • No

    I would like to point out the homosexual lifestyle is void of procreation purposes and don't fufill their sexual organs appropriately. Furthermore, the meaning of LGBT lifestyle maybe full of love and kindness but even if they are very satified there is no reason to suggest they are anymore satisfied than the heterosexual lifestyle. Homosexual lifestyle is often mocked publicly any such lifestyle could be percieved as undesireable.

  • Read This Response Before Judging!

    The fact of the matter is that it is impossible to define the word "better" on a universal scale. As a heterosexual male, I am inclined to believe that a heterosexual lifestyle is "better", but my opinion truly doesn't matter because the quality of any individual's lifestyle should ultimately be determined by the individual living it. If that individual is not happy - sexual preference aside, even - maybe he or she needs to change something up!

  • Not in This Lifetime

    The homosexual lifestyle is not better than the heterosexual lifestyle. Homosexuals are made fun of on a daily basis. They are looked down upon by society as a whole and do not have a true place in this society. The homosexual lifestyle tears families apart because parent cannot understand their children choosing this lifestyle.

  • Heterosexual

    No, the homosexual lifestyle is not better than the heterosexual one. Marriage and relationships are meant to be with the opposite and woman, not man/man or woman/woman. Homosexuals are made fun of and are the brunt of many jokes. That's another reason why I wouldn't think it would be better to be homosexual.

  • What do you mean by 'better'...?

    Kind of a silly question. I am straight, so obviously I favour a 'straight lifestyle' if you could really pigeon hole lifestyles like that... I don't think you can.

    What do you mean by a homosexual or heterosexual lifestyle? Do you mean specifically who people choose to date and have sex with? If so, then different strokes for different folks. If not, then your question makes no sense, lacks context, and is kind of pointless on the whole.

  • Sex is sex, and love is love

    I don't think any sexual orientation provides a better lifestyle than another. It's as good as the individual that chooses it wants it to be. Relationships of all stripes can be plagues with severely negative consequences, so I don' think it's correct to think that one group has a better lifestyle than another.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-13T17:39:16.323
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