• The best processor chip on the market to date

    The HTC one has a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, the iPhone 5 has an ancient A6 chip that's only 1.3GHz and dual-core, therefore speed-wise the iPhone is going to be roughly slower at everything. In terms on the display the one is bigger at 4.7 inches and still fits in your pocket, whereas the iPhone 5 is only 4 inches. In terms of sound, the HTC one has Beats Audio and amazing side speakers. Picture quality is difficult as the HTC one's camera creates better videos and performs better in low light and situations where a flash is needed. However, the camera has less megapixels and the color tone of photos looks a little off. The HTC one is the better phone, but what can you expect, it's newer.

    Posted by: Nath
  • It just is

    I have the iPhone 4S and recently upgraded to HTC One, the HTC One is like a better iPhone. It is bigger, but not too big, faster, the screen looks better and although people have been complaining about the camera, I actually find it better. And the Zoe thing is actually really cool. I love that it makes videos of a night out or a day trip. Also, I am able to have more music on my HTC than the iPhone which was something I found limiting on the 4S, the price is also good, a 32GB phone for £430 as opposed to £499 for a new iPhone.

    I also like Blinkfeed, but it is too limited in what you can add to it, I would prefer if it was more like Pulse, where you could add ones favourite blogs and other sites, instead of the mandated Huffington Post! But it has potential when they upgrade it next year!

    I do not hate iPhones, I have used and loved them for years, but, recently they got boring, the HTC is perfect for an iPhone guy who wants to try something interesting and non Apple for a a change.

    I am still getting used to Android, so it may take a few more weeks to become an expert on that.

  • better design (hardware and software), better build, better screen, a camera built for all situations, IR Blaster, best sound quality on a mobile phone.

    IPhone 5 is not bad or simply an ok or good phone. It is a great phone but HTC One is the greatest. The HTC One chamfered edges are way more resistant than iPhone 5. The curved back of the One is full metal a feat that can be described as a feat of genius and that feels great on the hand. When it cones to the software the One's Sense 5 is cleaner, beautiful and snappier than iPhone 5's iOS skeuomorphic UI.
    The colour accuracy on iPhone 5 screen looks just slightly better but the HTC One higher pixel density produces really sharp images, better colour contrasts, bigger and brighter panel makes it the best screen on the market.
    HTC One Camera is very good shooting daylight while iPhone 5 camera is one of the greatest. While the One reproduces more accurate colours in daylight conditions, and in lowlight and pitch black this camera is years ahead of iPhone 5. Then there is the camera software itself that is way better than iPhone 5 with settings for all situations and features like Zoe, Highlight, object removal, really really fast shooter with no blur at all, amazing filters, image editing, 1080 video recording, video HDR, and the audio recording with the HDR mic is simple the best, it is clean and crisp even recording concerts in loud crowds.
    IR Blaster. Yep, they are back in 2013. This is not available on iPhone 5 and after using it watching TV is so much easy and fun. The ability to have your favourite TV showing on the guide with progress or been alerted once they are about to start. Of course it is not all about TV you can control other media devices with IR, such as stereo, setup-box, DVR, etc.
    BoomSound as HTC calls it is the best sound quality on a smartphone. HTC one has dual front-facing double stereo speakers that produces very loud, crisp, clean and above all authentic sound. It is that good. Just to give an idea, the sound quality on the One is superior to many laptops available on the market today.

  • Warranty and Phone Handiness

    Iphone 5 has a one year warranty with which we can exchange our phone for a new one if a problem arises. No other phone has this feature. HTC One has this feature but the time limit for warranty is one month (which is very less compared to Iphone's). Iphone 5 is handy too, whereas HTC One is not. One must always carry it in their hand... Iphone can simply be put into our pockets :)

  • HTC for me every time...

    My personal phone is a HTC One, my work phone is a 4S and my wife has a 5. So having used them all I am convinced that the HTC One is the superior device *for me*.

    The lack of customization on iOS is my big bug bear. If you like the iOS interface then good for you. But I like the freedom and customization that Android offers. Things such as widgets, replaceable stock apps, and custom launchers which Android users take for granted are still missing on iOS, which has the same basic look and feel as the original model.

    As for the physical devices themselves, both are well designed and nice to hold. But I prefer the bigger screen size on the One and the resolution is superb. The boom sound speakers are also great, though for me it is not a big factor because I don't often need to play music or movies through the speakers.

    Oh, and my experience is that the One is better as a phone. I have less dropped calls and better reception on the One. I work in an area of poor reception and the One outperforms the iphone on call quality hands down.

    I am not really a photographer, so I cannot comment on the relative merits of the cameras. What the One provides for me is perfect. From the reviews I have read, each device has merits under different conditions (low light, outdoor, etc.) but to be honest if I want a *really* good quality picture I use... My camera!

    Other things I like about Android in general is the lack of iTunes integration (Which I hate. I bricked an iPad twice when doing an update due to - I found out later - a virus scanner running on the PC), direct access to the device memory, and a FAR superior keyboard. In fact, I struggle to think of anything that I prefer on iOS as compared to Android.

    The iPhone was a pioneering device and is still very good - no question. But I don't see anything on the horizon that would make me consider switching from my HTC One.

  • In my opinion

    I have been reading reviews and watching comparison videos best buy had a deal and i took the opportunity and bought the HTC ONE, i have had the Samsung galaxy note 2 and i prefer the HTC ONE over that and the iPhone 5 Android is alot better then how it used to be i am very satisfied with this phone i highly recommend anyone to get the HTC ONE

  • More Bang for the Buck

    After using iPhones since the 3G, I got tired of the same old features and OS. I know IOS has changed and added a lot of features over time but it's still the same as far as icons and customization for the user. I guess a lot of people might prefer that. Also got tired of the small screen. Switching to The HTC One was a difficult move because there was a learning curve but Android has come a long way and with the processors in these new phones the OS is silky smooth like Apple. The features on this phone are awesome. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and the phone actually feels like a quality product which is what Apple is known for. HTC One is the iPhone for Android. If Apple comes out with a product this good I would consider switching back because of all the apps I have purchased. Both phones are amazing but HTC One is packed with features that are awesome. (larger screen, IR for Sense TV, OS Customization, Beats Audio, Front facing stereo speakers, gorgeous interface).

  • The Future of a Smartphone

    Currently I have the iPhone 4 on Verizon and need a well deserved upgrade. These two are the options for me and after much research and contemplating I believe the HTC One is much much better. The iPhone 5 after i thought about it isn't as big and limits my interaction with MY device. The HTC One is on a different level compared to the iPhone. Its stunning looks and functionality is unmatched. A statement i saw summarizes everything into one sentence: "The HTC is for a person who wants to control their device and customize it exactly to their liking, iPhone is made so four year old can just pick it up and use it, it is a device for a simpleton."

  • Better build quality.

    I currently have the iPhone 5 and I have to say that the HTC One out performs it in almost every possible way. Also, saying that, I also think that the HTC One has both a nicer screen and a nicer overall build quality. I am actually trading my iPhone for an HTC One.

  • Speakers, camera, overall quality

    I put the HTC One and the iPhone next to each other and played a song with both speakers turned up to the fullest and I could barely hear what the iPhone was playing! And the camera (since I am a teen) in the front is so much better than the iPhone front camera. It's exciting. I would only want the iPhone so I can use my iTunes and get all my apps (unless I just haven't figured all this out yet).

  • HTC is one better than the iPhone 5.

    Put your stupid specs aside, in real life uses, the iphone kills the htc one. Its faster, lighter,more accessible , and more simple. 4.7 inch means that you have to stretch your hand all the way across the screen. Plus look at how many people have an iphone versues how many people have an htc phone. (._.)

  • iPhone 5 is better because it uses a faster processor and has more features.

    Because iPhone 5 is so popular. It's thickness suits our hand and the screen will not lag unlike HTC 1. Apple is faster simply because they are using a newer processor called A6 dual-core and 1.5ghz for HTC. Its camera system is a massive upgrade from the already amazing camera system on the iPhone.

  • No, it is not better than the iPhone 5.

    While the HTC One is a very good phone, I don't think that anyone could say with a straight face that it is better than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has more customers and is more highly rated in almost every review that has been written about it. Therefore, the HTC One cannot be better.

  • No It Is Not

    The HTC One is a great phone but it is nowhere near as good as the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is the best phone out right now and is in a class of its own. To compare something to it is laughable to me. No other phone is touching it.

  • It has twice the proccessing power but isn't as fast

    I tested this in several real world cases opening Facebook, browser races, camera shutter opening, etc. It should be twice as fast! It's a nice phone but not comparable to the ip5! If you don't believe me you can see others test the two Devices on you tube. The gs4 with the same processor is WAY faster (and has the same snappdraggon processor).

  • Nope it isn't.

    You can't say it's a better phone since we all like different styles of phones. IPhone 5 has clearly better camera, the 'big' screen of the HTC's one is a personal opinion; some people prefer not a too big screen, some prefer a big screen. I've been trying the HTC One and according to me, the phone isn't running very smoothly meanwhile playing games. Graphics looks stretched out and has a bad flickerings; compared to the IPhone 5, it has without doubt better graphics. Despite your facts.

  • Plastic vs metal and glass

    I'm user that wants maximum usability and endurance.
    HTC One is made of plastic and has Android which was not especially suited for this phone. On the other hand We have phone that's made of glass and metal with iOS which was programmed to be Apple phone OS. As you can see here: http://comperio.Co/en/smartphones/apple-iphone-5-32gb-vs-htc-one.Html theoretically HTC One is stronger but considering user experience iPhone 5 is the king.

  • HTC looks more futuristic, iPhone great photos

    I am windows phone fan, I used iPhone and now using HTC one, simply because I like to change. One has to be fair when comparing and not to be offensive. Both phones are simply great it depends what are you searching for in a phone. For example the HTC One looks more sleek and more eye catching than iPhone 5. In the other hand no smartphone could compete with iPhones camera performance perhaps lately Lumia 928, but Apple is preparing new products yet to come. Android is more flexible than iOS. Follow your heart and anyone between these two you chose will give you the best mobile phone experience for now.

  • iPhone 5 over the HTC one!

    Although they are both great phones the iPhone 5 wins for me, one of which is because I already had previous Apple products and I have already produced apps, music and games on the App Store. If you have already brought an apple product I think it's best for you to get the iPhone 5. If you already have used Android, HTC, Samsung etc, you should get the HTC one. Both of these phones have great design and are very powerful in one case the iPhone 5 is a lot fast when it comes to opening apps and web browsing and its beats the HTC in sun spider and some other benchmarks. It's doesn't matter which phone you get each one is really good, but to me the iPhone 5 is more favorable.

  • My htc keeps glitching

    I don't know about the htc 1 but my htc510 can't get under 35 degrees without glitching out for at least 5min but My iPod 5 is completely fine in my pocket wale skiing. Also my htc if your finger is just a little damp like you put on some lotion, it wont work for crap.

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