• Man thinks therefore man is.

    When you raise a kid you dont teach the kid to be selfish or to hit other kids or to make arguments they do that themselves. We may think we are not violent but in all reality we are. It is observable and a fact. Survival of the fittest after all. Man starts wars over scarce recourses over oil water and land instead of living together peacefully. Man creates a corrupt economy so that man can have an upper hand and take advantage of other men and women and make billions in bonuses on Wall Street while across the street poor people are eating out of the trash. Man creates theories on why man deserves to not help out his community by saying to himself they must be lazy and alcoholics so if I give them money they will just waste it on alcohol So it would be better if I just kept all my money and gave them nothing so they can learn. (Social Darwinism) So yes we are aggressive in nature and always will be. We are naturally inclined for competitions and rivalry and selfishness ego and competing ideas. We create society and community to hinder who we really are because we are nothing but mere animals. Like Sigmund Freud said the subconscious hides our real messed up perverted desires in our head, so we also hide who we really are in society through an infinite system of ignorance and stupidity. So even when man is rich he is more destructive than constructive. Cause man will poor oil into the environment cause global warming kill species and help on both sides of the war like Bushs's grandfather. Man is naturally aggressive and the more aggressive you are the more respected you are in the world. For example oil corporations businessman big business who ships jobs over seas. So yes poverty does help aggressiveness but those who aren't poor are just as aggressive they just play by different rules. Man is aggressive bottom line.

  • The evidence speaks for itself, human beings are cooperatively more constructive than destructive by nature

    However, this does not mean that the government is the "almighty savior" against violence. Economic desperation is a common root cause to violence, and the government mandates policies that extensively confine the reality of free enterprise to an increasingly more uniform ideology, which is very likely to create violence because science proves that individual human nature is an infinitely unique identity comprised of endlessly changing subjective capacities and inputs. Poverty manufactures the conditioned mindset for this kind of behavior and nothing imposes poverty more than collectivist uniformity imposed by intimidation and violence. The individual incentive is driven down when force is the collective's constraining basis for individual progress. Would you allow someone to pay you all the money in the world to assist strangers who cannot be expected to help themselves? Yet alone, would you pay the government to murder someone you love? These are all in my opinion, major sources of poverty and violence in the society we are living in.. Too much uncontrollable judgment, not enough unconditional loving.

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