• Wikipedia's Definition of mind is: cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, learning, reasoning, and judgement.

    Now you'd be out of your mind to think that then it isn't physical. Because we can find the parts of the brain that do those things. Has anybody heard of Neuroscience?

    Anyone saying that the mind isn't physical is harboring a 1st century ignorance on the level of the heart being the center of all thought and ought to catch up with the times. Or read a book. Such mysticism cannot get in the way of us trying to find out what parts of the brain harbor our ability to learn and reason so we can treat them when they go wrong.

    Posted by: aam
  • Mind is obviously only body.

    If mind is something other than matter and energy, how can the mind and body interface? How are the inputs from our physical senses delivered to our awareness and memory? How do decisions about body movements get transferred from mind to body? Why is our awareness limited to inputs that come only from our physical senses? How is our consciousness locked into a body until the death of that body? If mind is not the same thing as body, how do changes in body affect the mind so profoundly? Why do psychedelic and mood-altering drugs change conscious awareness? Why does mechanical alteration of the physical brain (surgery or trauma) change personality, cognitive ability, and awareness?

  • We are solely physical.

    Anger, hate, envy are solely a product of our wiring. This is why it's so important that we nurture the brain in children. The human race needs rational thought to be successful, to continue evolving. Many people view love as ethereal. Love is also a possibility because of our wiring. Humans evolved consciousness, which is wiring. It's evolutionary and physical. Some people hurt their brain and loose all ability to hate, love, think rationally, and their ability to consciously know they exist. It's all about the wiring, man. Now, this doesn't mean we're not "connected" somehow.

  • No its not

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  • No its not

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  • Personal beliefs here, but hey, this is the opinion section.

    I personally believed a decision the brain makes can be influence on the results of quantum mechanics in the brain. This in turns provides some randomness in the mind.

    Now I also personally believe (guess what I am a theist) that there is a soul which has influence on quantum mechanics in the brain. And the physical effects on the brain have an impact on the soul. Since the soul has some influence on the brain's decisions it can be considered part of the human mind. And since the soul is not physical but merely a influence on quantum mechanics, the mind is not only a physical entity.

    Since the human mind is not only physical, there is never going to be an 100% effective form of mind control since mind control can not directly control ones soul.

  • Technically Right But it leads to false conclusions

    It suggests that the best way to understand your mind is to understand what it is made of physically, the molecules, the neurotransmitters, but that's not typically necessary. Even with words like "chemical imbalanced" bandied about psychiatrists never do any sort of brain scan in order to make diagnosis nor should they because a person's well-being and ability to function day to day is what matters not what it physically looks like inside the brain. There could very well be aspects of cognition whose physical manifestation is at this point invisible to scientists, or even dealing with matter that science is just tapping into. For example what evidence is there to disprove the contention that dark matter could play an important role in human psychology? The thing is science doesn't know much about dark matter so for all we know there could be a dark matter system in the human body that could even turn out to be more fundamental to thought than our brains. That's going out on a limb. I don't have any evidence but my point is that as science is always discovering new "physical" things the nature of mind could be quite different from what scientists think now. Furthermore, the emphasis on the mind as a physical entity is often distorted to get people to take more drugs. The media will give the front page to the brand new antidepressant drug but barely a wimper on scientific studies showing that everyday interactions with other people and how we go about these interactions, and our own focus, our own thoughts and feelings every moment can be shown to cause changes in brain chemistry. Meaning you don't need a pill (unless you're seriously far gone) you just need to change your thoughts and your habits and your brain chemistry will change too (although it's changing the thoughts and habits that's important)

  • No, It's not!

    No, I don't believe that the human mind is only a physical entity. The human mind is not the same as the physical part of the mind, which would be the brain. Brain is physical, the mind is more mental than anything else. It's part of emotions ad feelings, not part of a body.

  • No, the Human Mind is not a physical entity.

    The human brain and body are just physical entities, but the mind is an intangible entity created by the brain, body and the individual and collective memories, feelings and lessons experienced by the human. When a human dies, they do not leave their mind behind; yet the brain and other organs remain and are tangible in an autopsy despite no longer functioning. Using modern technology, we may be able to see our brain functioning, but what we are seeing is not the mind, but the code that our brain uses to explain and decipher what we are experiencing. The mind is made up of our interpretation of what our body and brain experience. It may be limited by the tangible and physical brain and body, but the mind itself is not physical. It is something that we have created, like a belief about religion or love, but it is not a physical entity.

  • No, not exactly.

    The human brain is an amalgamation of physical tissue and electrical impulses, but the mind is something far more ephemeral. The mind is the sum of all experiences, memory and sensations which create the personality. The mind/personality is what creates art, wonder, horror and everything in between. While the brain could, theoretically, be rebooted much like a computer, this could alter the mind of the individual and lose pieces of what that person unique.

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