• Yes, based on science.

    The human race will go on to extinction eventually. The world is all about evolution and adapting to fit into the environment. In our case, we've been successful so far. However, natural disasters, cataclysmic events, and genocide are all ways that can lead to the mass death of human kind. As stated before, maybe the genocide is preventable if it stems from humanity. However, whats to say an astroid the size of Jupiter's not on a crash course with Earth right this moment?

  • Absolutely

    It's only a matter of time until the human race faces extinction. Every species goes through it and the human race will be included in that at some point in the future. The question is will it be a natural event or a man made one that causes the extinction and can the extinction be prevented. Obviously if it's a man made extinction it can be prevented. If it's a natural extinction will we be warned ahead of time, who knows. It could be so far into the future that none of our family sees it so we may not know but eventually it will happen, it happens to all species.

    Posted by: jus
  • We are dumber than we think because we are in denial.

    Our lack of real intelligence is pretty obvious if we think about it. But our capacity to produce verbal constructs that are inconsistent with reality clouds that fact from us. We can plug in a light bulb and flip a switch and think that makes us smarter than a dolphin or a chimp. It's all a lie we tell ourselves. We are doomed.

  • We will never populate other planets in the galaxy

    IMO a predatory subspecies of human, the psychopath, has been able to thrive because of the ability to hoard wealth and influence power.
    Not to say all of the one percent are psychopaths but are easily corrupted by the feeling of superficial special superiority supported by their place in the aristocratic system which controls our government and wrecks havoc on our world.
    All humanity is in denial. Those in control are in denial that a reduction in diversity, of any kind, will be disastrous.
    Those on the bottom are falling into denial through religion and subjection - the inability to influence our future.
    At this unique time in history we have discarded the only element of ourselves which could save us - consciousness.
    Consciousness is all that gives us the ability to look beyond our own lifetimes and design our own destiny.
    We are in a window of time where these things should be obvious - yet the hijacking of technology by the psychopathic elite has put them in a false sense of superiority.
    There are NO empires in space.

  • Humans are an inherently violent species

    We have an inborn drive for self preservation and at the same time we are easily led to believe that other humans are somehow less valuable than we are. Whether this comes from being afraid of others due to "fake news" (propaganda) or religious (God) directed fear of others and what they may do. The things others do are cause for concern since these things in some way (mostly imagined) will harm us and our beliefs. Therefore these "others" (i.E. Not self) need to be eliminated. Technologically we are getting closer and closer to being able to effect mass extinctions based on the fact (fear) that the "other" will eliminate us or succeed more than we will. This myopic self view as a species will lead to its extinction.

  • Humans are definitely doomed.

    Humans are just greedy and use up all of the world's resources.
    There is not enough water ,food and just general resources to go around.
    2.7 billion people on earth will experience a problem with water in their daily lives.
    Thats almost 3/7 people.
    Also we treat animals terribly and we created global warming.

  • Too many cataclysmic events are nearly impossible to prevent or are inevitable.

    The human race has done a good job so far with keeping technological growth at a steady rate, but even if all of the funds of the entire world were dumped into science and the discovery of new things to keep humanity alive, and all humans dropped all of their self worth and acted as a hive mind, it wouldn't be enough. No where near enough. If you gave 1 billion planets intelligent life, I would estimate only a handful (about 5-10) would last long enough to develop the ability to transport their species to another livable planet, and I bet only 1, or, most extremely likely, none of those species would develop the technology to terraform planets to become livable. The reason why I have such a pessimistic view of all of this is because of the extremely large number of cataclysmic events that can occur in this universe of ours that science can simply not keep up with and some that science definitely will not keep up with, including global warming, a nuclear war that will bomb us back to the stone age, the explosion of the Yellowstone super volcano, a cataclysmic meteor strike, a decently sized solar flare, a gamma ray burst, a dangerously big black hole, vacuum decay, and the heat death of the entire universe. Two of these things (though their are many more), vacuum decay and the heat death of the entire universe, are inevitable, and will eventually wipe out all things, including the one puny race that we call humans. So all we can do is allow the human race to prosper as much as possible before time runs out and simply accept our inevitable fate.

  • Yes and it's obvious

    The human race has never learned that things such as war and racism is unnecessary. We're destroying ourselves for land, resources and it's all about money and power. We'll eventually destroy ourselves completely, and if not then because of the world we're destroying. Some humans were smart enough though to be able to control us. We have almost no control over our lives and we don't do anything about it because we've been taught so and are too afraid to do it because how horrific the result could be.

    TL;DR: We're obviously doomed and there's literally nothing we can do about it, sorry.

  • Yes, it's obvious

    The human race has never learned that things such as was and racism is unnecessary. We're destroying ourselves for land, resources and it's all about money and power. We'll eventually destroy ourselves completely, and if not then because of the world we're destroying. Some humans were smart enough though to be able to control us. We have almost no control over our lives and we don't do anything about it because we've been taught so and are too afraid to do it because how horrific the result could be.

    TL;DR: We're obviously doomed and there's literally nothing we can do about it, sorry.

  • We are destroying ourselves

    As a species we are destroying many many other species while turning on our own. Horrific atrocities will become common place, millions will die from starvation as the ruling elite of horribly damaged murderous sociopaths take more and more resources for themselves. They have almost complete control over our thoughts and deeds, the rest of us seem helpless to do anything to stop it. I hope the planet can survive us vomiting bile all over it.

  • The human (species or race) will continue to develop abilities that keep homeostasis and healthy living active in our peoples.

    Throughout all our history, human beings will either have the new technologies for keeping the human race completely active and healthy, or adapt to the environments necessary for survival throughout the rest of time. I find it highly unlikely that the human race is doomed in any way, due to these two extremes being true. The only way the human race COULD however, in theory "go extinct", would be a full scale nuclear war (aka World War III) and also massive wars, or possibly a huge asteroid impact could wipe out humanity as well. Though we should forbid these possibilities.

  • We are the most advanced civilization to ever live on this planet.

    If we stop teaching our kids organized religion. We close our children's minds to the endless possibilities when we teach them constrictive religion. It's comparable to teaching our children that the world is flat, and they later find out in school that we've been lying or giving them information that isn't justified in science. By teaching children that God made us in his image, you eliminate evolution, the funding principle of our existence. In essence, we have stopped evolving as a result of organized religion. It's the basis of governments, it's the fundamental reason for many wars, and MOST OF ALL is the reason we have not advanced further as a HUMAN RACE. Once we realize this fundamental flaw, there are endless possibilities for us.... Including leaving this planet when it is no longer sustainable. If we continue lying to our children, we will die with this planet or have a nuclear war.

  • We still have a chance

    Look at this, you are letting fate decide whether we die or not. If we just worked together, then maybe just maybe then we could survive. People who say that we are doomed can stick to that belief. However, the sort that still have a shred of hope like me, we can make it and create a future for the better

  • It's our choice.

    Mankind's fate is his to determine. We will decide whether we'll be here in 5000 years or not. God will not save us from ourselves; I've no doubt that we squander our resources and live unsustainably, but collectively we can decide whether we will change this or commit race suicide. I personally believe that for the sake of our long term survival, we have to re-educate ourselves on the value of life. We have spent thousands of years building a civilization that values money over life.

    Abolish money.

  • I SAY SO

    We're good for another 50,000 years I would suspect. There may be a drastic turn in the lifestyle that humans live, but dang it, if we aren't crafty and ingenious mammals. We'll adapt and be far less of a parasitic influence on the planet. Plus, what's the use in crying, "The sky is falling" - will we all switch to high-efficiency light bulbs and thus change the world. I don't think so. The earth will take care of itself and we, likely in smaller numbers, will be there to see the changes.

  • Ingenuity, Sheer Numbers Say Otherwise

    To say that every race goes extinct is untrue. Sharks and alligators have remained largely unevolved for eons and are throwbacks to the dinosaur age. Humans are the first species, we believe, capable of intelligent thought and scientific engineering. Our sheer numbers seem to indicate that even during a mass extinction, someone will survive and procreate. Humans nearly became extinct early in our existence and we survived then. We will survive again and again. Even as the Earth is destroyed when the sun exhausts its fuel billions of years in the future, humans will have created space travel to move forward to find another home.

  • Maybe not.

    The fact is that we do not know enough about the universe to say for sure. Some believe that the universe is collapsing in on itself, and eventually all matter will be destroyed. If so then the human race definitely has an end. On the other hand, others believe that the universe is constantly expanding and therefore if the human race expands with it we could have an indefinite future.

  • Technology / War = Death

    We often talk about UFO and alien species with super intelligence.
    Well the technology curve means that if we were to encounter intelligent life then it would be so far advanced that it would be like humans trying to communicate with fish!! - So....My theory is as long as we abandon superstition aka stupidity aka war aka the new/old threat nuclear war brought on by religion then technology will carry the species forward. However, either way, humans by war or by technology face their own extinction because they are too inferior and irrelevant.

  • I think we will find a way.

    I think that human kind is definitely paving a dangerous road and future for ourselves and everything else that lives on the planet, but I am hopeful that we will try to reverse or slow the damage before it gets to late and if nothing else, will have the technology to colonize another planet someday.

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Anonymous says2013-03-12T11:23:01.787
Yes it will I am not religious or a greeny communist, ect but am 55 well travelled and would consider myself above adverage intelegence! We were hunter gatherers for 1-2. Million years farming only past 10k and industrialised for 100, something has gone wrong to fast there could be a nuclear accident big war or global warming is a lot worse than we think! Capitalism and power is past the point of no return most cultures want more and more wealth plus the world is over populated old age poverty ect. The only thing what will save the human race is some disaster man made and the hand full of survivors would start again and learn from everything there past mistakes then it could even be a type of Utopia
cybertron1998 says2013-03-24T16:20:27.823
of course we are doomed. we can't rule out aliens because our whole goldilocks planet theory is bull. and life doesn't have to be carbon based. if we do go extinct it will either be the doing of us or another creature from halfway across the universe
Anonymous says2013-04-02T17:29:21.147
We're not doomed to extinction. But our ancestors will be silky haired ratlike critters hiding in the ruins of atom bombed polluted cities while the real rulers of the earth, giant mutant cockroaches hunt them for food.
Anonymous says2013-04-07T19:29:10.127
I'm not entirely sure that we could or could not have an indefinite future based on what we know about space and our mother earth but I am hopeful that we can find out if our race will or will not have an indefinite future.
Anonymous says2013-09-15T14:49:02.837
The human race will cease one day, definitely, it will have nothing to do with the environment, as this is a scare tactic, the environment is better now than it has been for a long time.

Once a long time a go dinosaurs lived here and now they don't. You don't have to be overly intelligent to figure this out.

Do you truly want the human race to continue, please go and do some googling and find out what is really happening out there.
Colleen86 says2014-05-25T02:39:12.267
I feel awful saying this but, I think we as a whole should be wiped out of existence, the very nature of man is cruel and its only getting worse.
karlterrell says2014-11-14T22:05:57.503
We are a parasitic species that cares nothing for balance, on the whole. Usually parasites use up every resource then move or die. Since we cannot move off the planet... We die.