• Monkeys are Smarter

    The average person does not use any more mental energy than a trained monkey in his daily life. All of our intelligence is locked up in our culture. Put the average untrained person on an island isolated from that culture, And despite plentiful resources surrounding him, He would die of any number of things that a truly thinking rational being would be able to successfully deal with. Sad.

  • Planet Stupid doomed

    Trump is a symptom. He is a super bug that the world has created. And when a man like him thinks he's the ruler of the entire world, (and no one pulls him up him on that), the world is clearly doomed. Nothing anyone can do about that. The end.

  • Humans Are Emotional Creatures

    Stupidity has many definitions, but they usually come back to "lacking good sense or judgement." Humans are not biological computers - our thought processes are heavily influenced by other biological processes that have been categorized as "emotions." Emotions can and have led many, many people into performing "stupid" acts - that is, actions that lack good sense or judgement. While we've made many technological advances, there's nothing to indicate that we're any less emotional as a race - just more practical. (I.E. The widespread - and slow - disappearance of slavery throughout the world was not due to the human race suddenly getting wise or "woke," it was due to technological advances making slavery inefficient.) That's why we are (as a race) still breeding like rabbits (because that's as close to immortality as you can currently get) and also burning through the planet's resources as if they're infinite (because most people can't comprehend our entire planet running out of oil etc.) ,

  • Everything society needs to work on.

    Hillary Clinton
    Donald Trump
    Nicole arbour
    Vegan Gains
    Freelee the banana girl
    Japanese toys
    Stupid people
    Bill Clinton
    And much much more. The human race is doomed to stupidity . . . . . .

  • I do agree, but I also disagree.

    There are many things that are so close to throwing the human race over a cliff. One of them I s stupidity. But also people shouldn't lose hope. If we know that the human race is being doomed, then we can change that. All it takes is for us to realize what we are doing wrong, and then build a team, because together we can actually turn that all around. I know that some people are pretty stubborn and won't change their ways because they think they are always right. But that's the problem, people think that they are always right and if they make a mistake they don't bother fixing it. That is what leads the human race into a hole of fire. We shouldn't just lose hope and stop trying to make a change in the world. Alone or not, one voice can make a huge change and turn the path of the human race around.

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