• This question in itself shows our stupidity.

    The human race is getting dumber? Really? The correct definition for "dumber" means you can't speak. We speak. In fact, we may speak a little too much. People are ruining their brains by using drugs. They arent studying in school and they are wasting the sense they were given. We are all given a chance to make right decisions, yet we fail too much.

  • Without a doubt

    Every single tragedy that happens isn't exactly what it looks like, it's a government conspiracy as clearly shown in this frame I took. As you can see here, this man has his hat tilted at 89 degrees when it's supposed to be 90, a clear sign of the Illuminati.

    These people are real, they vote, and they aren't even that hard to find anymore. There are other issues too (smartphones eliminate our need to know how to do anything, ever) but truthers single-handedly prove that we have gotten really, really stupid.

  • Yes the Human Race Is Getting Dumber

    I once wrote a prose piece called Murmers. Now there aren't just Murmers, there is outright ranting and raving. People can not be content with letting other people live their lives in peace. No. They are numbing themselves with slogans meant to demean and threaten. Like the every popular Pro Fetus groups "Murderers." Now who could possibly get a refrain of Kumbya in to that shout? Or the Christian Right and their constant drip drip water torture of "Creationism should be taught in schools." Dumb. Or the Teapubs and the chanting of "Socialism Socialism." Give us a break. Dumb and Dumber. It is the revenge of the flying monkeys. With all the hoopla and noise that come with them. America was a great country. Now it is just a great big joke. Compliments of the Christian Right, the ProFetus (We support a fetus, but don't expect us to support the real kids they become, I like my money in my pocket thank you.), and the absolutely No Great Minds of the Teapubs. (Cut and slash the budget. Let the bridges fall. Let the old people die. Let the sick die. They don't contribute to campaigns.) I wonder if they will fiddle as America is burning? Dumbest. Is the Human Race Getting Dumber? That answer should be obvious.

  • Its the internet fault...

    How many of your friends are dumb? How many use the internet a lot... Yea you can agree the dumber ones use the internet a lot more as well they use Auto correct to fix misspellings in their words and yes i know its hard to remember close to 170,000 words (yea i mean gosh 170,000 is a lot) and the term of "dumb" what i see as is "misled" "misunderstood" and so on... The internet makes us think of anything for instance even this website has stuff that relates to what more believe in and agree in so its common sense to agree to what more agree to so we wont be different, but there are some people who want to be something other than the norm to be seen as something rather than a "dumb" human. As well as what your teachers teach like maybe your in kinder-garden and your teacher says "the Letter before r is w" and because you want to gain knowledge you take that information in and use it... But then... In 4th grade a teacher asks you to say the abc's and when you get to p afterward you do: "q,s,t,u,v,r,w" then the teacher tells your you are incorrect but you argue over who is true and then the majority of your classmates were in that class so they agree with you, then the other half learned it the correct way... So what i'm trying to say is many sources can be deceiving and make you learn things you shouldn't have learned...

  • Lots o' sientific proof.

    There are multiple sientific studies that show that in the last 50 000 years we have lost so much brain material that the ammount of lost brain material is about the size of a tennis ball. Wich is straight evidence that the human race is getting less smart all the time.

  • Wrong phrasing of question, maybe. No doubt about devolution!

    Natural selection got us where we are. The pressures that favoured the good traits have all been blunted with social supports so that now the less suited for survival have more offspring than those with desirable characteristics. Too bad. So sad. We are also spending huge amounts to allow youngsters, who once would have died in childhood, to survive and contribute to the next generation. Tough choices.

  • Hard to answer, it is a yes and no explanation.

    Well we have people that are much more intelligent in the world, and more break through every year. But the gap between these people and the average person is getting larger. The average person is less intelligent and less motivated to be smarter or better because of technology, feminism and socialism. The main think I see in school that is causing this is the "Everyone's Equal", "Everyone's a Winner". Dept. Of Education using cookie cutter education and tie the hands of good teachers to help get through to the kids. Taking out the sense of competition in education is causing kids to be demotivated. Especially boys. My 6 year old daughter asked me "Why are all boys abusers?" I asked her where she herd it, "The teacher told me". So teachers are telling kids that boys are bad, and they are in first grade. Teachers that are terrible can not get fired because of the teachers union, despite the damage they are ding to our children. Public schools are going down to the lowest acceptable level. Privet and Charter schools are the only ones with good education going on. State scores show it, the percentage of kids going to college from public vs privet show a huge gap. If you can afford to do a good privet or charter school, do it, get out of the public education system so your kids have the best chance as possible to be successful. And parents, work with your kids every night you can with the homework and fun learning games and stuff. It is not all on the schools.

  • Define the term "dumb".

    Are people becoming stupid? No. Are people acting stupid? Yes.

    Just an hour ago I was watching a comical video about three eggs that instruct you on how to make egg soup and turkey.
    The first take was perfect. The second was confusing because they all took a sip of alcohol in the first take. The third was three drunk eggs complaining about how they didn't want to make that special dinner. The fourth, one of the eggs lost the turkey and the other cries because his cousin died in an egg soup. The fifth ends with one of the eggs speaking on behalf of the turkey.

    I showed my mom and step-dad and I received to responses, "Are you sure she wasn't dropped on her head as a baby?" and "I don't want t watch your stupid videos anymore."

    The point of the story: Was the video dumb? Yes and no.
    I found it hilarious. My mom on the other hand found it dumb.

    So the question is: Are people getting dumb, or are times changing?

    If I left the link for all of you to watch I would get two reactions: "That was hilarious!" or "That was the dumbest video I have ever seen."

    Comedy today is different than it was when I was a little girl. So are people becoming stupid? In my eyes, no. Are people acting stupid? In my eyes, yes.

    I don't believe that the human race is doomed to stupidity but I do believe that everyone, from the intelligent to the average to those with the low IQ, all commit the same stupid mistakes.
    We can't all be stupid but we can be human.

  • No Way

    Okay, first of all, if the Illuminati have gotten so far wouldn't that require them to be geniuses? Oh, except for the fact THE ILLUMINATI DON'T EVEN EXIST!

    Humans can be very stupid, but they can also be geniuses.

    Smartphones may seem like a crutch, but I think of it like a ladder; skip the busy work so you can pick up where the other people left off. If scientists had to write everything out, no massive calculators, it would take WAY more time to have breakthroughs. I think people forget the good things about smartphones and computers when they want to, not because there aren't good things about them.

  • No, we've always been this way

    "These people are real, they vote, and they aren't even that hard to find anymore. There are other issues too (smartphones eliminate our need to know how to do anything, ever) but truthers single-handedly prove that we have gotten really, really stupid."
    None of these things are signs that people are getting dumber. If any thing its more of a tribute to our origins and how we tried to explain our existence, the meaning of life, and greater forces of work. These people are involved in a pseudo-religion that has risen with the internet and fall of religion. People see things and want an explanation and most cannot accept that the simple answer, more often than not, is right. Instead of something terrible just happening, doesn't it seem more logical that there was a purpose, and intent?

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