• It Is Worth Saving

    Of course the human race is worth saving! If humans are not worth saving, then what is? If humans do not exist, Earth would just be run by animals and the amount of progress in the world would be very low. If we can't save people then what is worth saving?

  • We should do way more than just save ourselves

    Overpopulation, human race is a virus, they destroy everything, bla bla bla.
    We have an urge to survive and we also have an urge to expand, and we also want to observe our environment. But observing our environment means affecting it too, and we don't mind that. We want to have the most impact on the environment well impacting ourselves as well. This urge compels us to do all the stupid crap that we do. Perhaps when people hear about how pollution is killing animals, its not that they don't care, its that they wouldn't have it any other way. If they heard that what we do isn't doing anything, we would feel like we weren't making progress. (if you can call it progress) Sorry, this is kinda hard to put into English.
    I find the idea of us dying out or everyone doing nothing but living, reproducing and dying rather dull. Instead of wasting our time playing games (including all the reasons people are saying no) on this planet, we should escape from this planet, explore the universe, become a major element of the universe, observe it and do everything there is to do in the universe.
    I hope that this is not just another comment, because that would be dull. I hope it is either the best or the worst comment. I hope it makes an influence on everybody who reads it.

  • This is a tough argument.

    It is true that humans wreck the land a lot more than they fix it. I see the horrible towns and cities and just feel like wanting to be a monkey once again. They weren't so bad.

    But there are some kind people out there that care for animals (not as pets, as pets in cages are imprisoned (not always bad though)) and some keep endangered species in zoos and intentionally breed them... So they thrive! We can work towards that and make the human race a WONDROUS, creative species.

    For some time as I read these arguments I was on the verge of saying no. Obviously and assuming you think I'm trolling, I'm less biased than you think, since I've clicked the other button.

    I believe we can fix the human species as a whole and let it restore the world to its former glory.

    Who's with me?

  • In the grand scheme of things, why not?

    We are on a minor 4.5 billion year old planet that hurtles through a 14 billion year old universe at around 560 million m/s. Our solar system is relatively small. It exists in a relatively small galaxy that will be consumed by another one in a (astronomically) short time. By contrast our species as we know it has been around somewhere near 200 000 years. We have some evidence of social organization as far back as 11 000 years ago, and only became sedentary and agrarian about 8 100 years ago. Given the infinitesimally small probability of making it this far (or since it happened I guess we could also call the probability 1), why not save ourselves? Certainly no outside power will do it for us.

  • Yes. If You're Answer Is No To This Question Why Haven't You Committed Suicide Yet?

    My headline probably sounds crass, but it's not. If you actually believe that the human race should die out, why live on? True, we continue to struggle through, grasping at a meaning to it all, inevitably always coming up empty. But in the process, we experience love, ecstasy, invention, and expression. If you have felt even one of these things I listed, don't you think that is worth preserving for as long as possible?

  • Yes, of course it is.

    I'll admit, I'm not sure what the point of this question is. No matter what you believe, anyone has to admit the human race is a unique being in the universe as we know it. No other creature has the measure of compassion and justice that humans do. No other being would even being asking a question such as whether their existence is worth considering.

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    If we have the means to prevent the extinction of our species, why shouldn't we? We are a natural part of this universe, our existence isn't alien to it and all our actions and their consequences are part of the equation. In the cosmic chaos of existence we are utterly insignificant anyway. None of it has any meaning other than the meaning we give it.

  • Yes it is.

    The human race is worth saving, any animal kind is worth saving really. I think we should try harder to preserve life for all creatures, not just the humans on this earth. Just because they do not talk and act the way we do does not make them any less important.

  • It is our potential not our actions

    What we could create is reason enough for us to survive. In order to achieve it we must we must fight for it. Of course we may only exist to create an actually impartial artificial intelligence who's purpose is to observe the universe. We may be only one step in the chain..... Only important for what we can do before we exterminate ourselves.

  • The Point of Existence...

    ..Is to enjoy life as much as possible. I understand we all have an expiration date but it's the time we spend alive that counts not the end result of death. Since we live with finite life spans I prefer to enjoy my time alive and make our world a better place for anyone/everyone including oneself. A vacation is about enjoying the time not making a lap that ends you up back were we started. We would all prefer to live in a utopia rather than dystopia we just have to work towards it. Why not clean up our act? It's better than living in a state of decay.

  • Where is our final destination?

    In the end, what are our cures, spaceships, weapons, and everything else going to lead? Why not just die out slowly and sop breeding to end all suffering? And not just for ourselves, but the rest of the beautiful organisms on this that we torture, kill, and wipe out for our own means and pleasure. In the end we are a genetic fuck up that if the earth does realize that it did and is self aware, is for sure very sorry and disgusted in creating... But my main question is, what are we working towards? A sprawling metropolis on every in habitable planet? Transhumanism into universal spirit? Then what? It is laughable to think a virus like us will even make it off the earth. If you honestly believe that we will, you do not understand the science of space and or play to many mass effect type games. When I was an Idealistic teenager I played all those space games(Sid Miers Alpha Centauri, Star craft) But now I realize they are just that-FANTASY. Anyway I hope for the least amount of pain for the Universe and its citizens to endure which = DEATH for every single parasitic human scum walking this otherwise beautiful place.

  • Humans have no responsibility

    Humans take advantage of their superior knowledge but in the worst way possible. We leave absolutely no space for nature and we take land that is not rightfully ours. In Europe, Wolves and Bears roamed freely and Humans came along and wiped then from their land. If we really did care about the planet then we would have developed new ways to thrive - but no, we choose to ignore the fact that we hate each other and only sought power and money!

  • I think no, but we have no way of knowing.

    If you think we're terrific, remember to take a drive on a highway in a big city, to see just how kind and considerate we are.

    My default position is that human beings are not worth preserving, but there's no objective way to decide this, from our vantage point.

    Only another species, or a consortium of them, are qualified to make this judgment.

    If we say we are God's gift to the universe, we very likely are trivializing the damage we do. If we say that it would be better if we met our demise tomorrow, then we might be missing some future potential that would help compensate for our foibles.

    Either way, we are completely unqualified to judge our own value. We'll have to leave that to a higher intelligence or another species.

  • Save the environment

    The human race is frantically working at their own destruction, in destroying their own biotope. That suicidal behaviour would be ok, if they were not destroying everything else in the process. Planet Earth is so full of absolutely wonderful creatures, like the birds of paradise, etc... But humans destroy THEIR biotope too. That's not right!

  • Should humans continue to procreate?

    Is the human race worth saving for the elimination of fossil fuels?
    Is the human race worth saving for the elimination of worldwide suffering?
    Instead I will answer the question "Should humanity continue to procreate?"
    There is no correct answer to this question so i cannot give any argument for my answer. So here is my opinion.
    The end of humanity will end human suffering.
    The same goes for any that suffer.
    Should humanity continue to procreate? No.

  • No, it's not.

    If I have to explain it to you then your eyes and mind aren't open enough to believe or understand it. You aren't ready for the truth, so there's no point in arguing with you and your ego.

    99% of all living things in the history of the earth are extinct, humans will be no different. The difference might be that they will cause their own extinction. Or maybe not. Nature has a way of balancing itself out- like when there's an overpopulation of a species- and maybe nature will kick it up a notch to go past our technology and medicine and cause a human wipeout.

  • Humans are just another species that had a beginning and will have an end.

    Species become extinct. There is no saving the human race. While it exists humans will exercise greed and selfishness to kill, torture, manipulate, rape, molest, steel and otherwise destroy everything around them in a never ending circle. People think that because we have language, technology and computer chips that we are in some way different from the horrible creatures you read about in the history books. There are more people being tortured, enslaved, raped and controlled now than at any point in history.

  • Be on the internet for 2 sec

    Just look at memes and be on the internet for like 1 day, look at you tube comments, there is nothing worth saving that the human race has created, look at sonic ocs and you'll see that we should end the human race cause we are cancer and it would be best for us all to just launch the nukes

  • Learned nothing from history

    Frankly the human race is the upmost disgusting race on this planet... Where should we start? We have learned nothing from the past... Nothing. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer... We are stuck in a system that ignores the plight of the week and the vulnerable... Every person deserves to burn in hell!!

  • Humans are a virus

    I have never heard truer words, from the Matrix: “I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern: a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure.”

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