Is the idea of feminism sexist in that it, unfairly, gives female issues much higher priority than male issues?

  • I think all women are sexist

    They belong in the kitchen, not in offices. It's the males job to make the money and provide for the family. The only jobs that women should be responsible for are cooking, cleaning, and pleasing their men. It really bothers me that women think they can actually make a living on their own...

  • Females issues are always given more priority than male.

    I believe that female issue are given highlighted more than male issues. They get more media attention and more sympathy. I think there shouldn't be that much discrimination between both sexes, because I think there should be equality between them. There should be some international forum where there is equal representation and issues discussed between both sexes should be highlighted there.

    Posted by: IianDream
  • Society is so caught up with feminism and sexism that females receive more attention in society today than males.

    Since society is so careful about not being sexist, people do everything in their powers to make predicaments appear like they are not sexist at all. Such actions actually may appear sexist, but towards males instead of females. Females receive more attention because of this caution society takes to not be sexist towards females. Therefore, female issues are placed first in priorities compared to male issues.

    Posted by: M4rcHaro
  • Using the logic of life

    I think it is quite unreasonable to think and create a reality where there is absolutely no prejudice at all. Prejudice will always be a part of life no doubt about that but it does not give females a right that their issues are more important than men.
    In an ideal world, women will obviously not get raped or prejudiced against simply because "she is a woman" but in our reality, that is just..not that case.

    Women get raped.
    Women are prejudiced against.
    Women are unfortunate because their emotions often override their rational portions of the brain.

    However, in an ideal world, women would be attracted to men who are nice.

    Should we start a foundation that supports nice guys?

    Or should we simply accept that life would never be perfect and teach, educate and allow people to understand how to cope with themselves and the implications of their actions on other people?

    You tell me which makes more sense practically.

  • Feminism is trying to find a short cut to success

    Feminist are trying to be find the shortcut to success without actually doing hard work. Why aren't they fighting for the equal opportunity at a low paid, physically demanding and dangerous jobs. All I see is a bunch of half naked feminist running around the street with "Slut Walk" pics and demand the 50% quotas on a well paid and highly reputed jobs. Surely if they want the job they have to work hard for it (OF COURSE NOT BY RUNNING AROUND THE STREET HALF NAKED WITH A BANNER).

  • I'm a woman who hates a lot of feminists.

    I've known many feminists before, including one of my teachers this year. Keep in mind that I too am a woman. Well, this teacher of mine basically hates all men. All the guys she's had she acts weird around, or pretends like they're doing something wrong when they never were. I had her last year too, and that was when I had two guys in my class (this year I have none; yeah, all girls, imagine how pleased that lady is) and she always assumed they'd lose all of the papers and books we got for assignments. One time, this one big kid (big as in huge, muscle-wise, not overweight) was leaning back on his chair stretching and my teacher told him to stop because "he would break the chair because so much tension on it will cause it to snap." What? You don't just say that to people. And yet, she did, right out loud in front of everybody. The kid knows how sexist against men she is and was really annoyed with her from that. This year, one of our arguments for a book debate that we had to do is to determine whether the author was a misogynist or not because the only three female characters he put in his book were annoying and died. That's it. I was one of the only two who picked the side that he was not a misogynist, because assuming he's one is just ridiculous.

    I do agree that women do still have some disadvantages, but they all need to suck it up and move on because we're all human and they're trying to become higher than men in the world by dominating over the fact that "men are still sexist these days." Colored people have freedoms now but they're still disadvantaged in this day and age, also once the gay rights are passed (they better be, even though I'm straight) you know there will still be "that's gay" comments. People who were once disadvantaged in the past are going to still be slightly disadvantaged in the future, no matter how many rights you stack on top of them. It's basic fact. So pretty much any straight white man will get by in life pretty easily these days. Women will too if they stop complaining. Jesus Christ, people don't even complain about racism anymore as much as you women do about feminism. Just calm down already.

  • Men's issues matter, too

    92% of all prisoners are males, who serve sentences that are 50% longer than females convicted of the same offenses. Capital punishment is reserved almost exclusively for males. Over 80% of the homeless are male- ask yourself if you'd be more disturbed by the sight of a man or a woman living under a bridge or shivering in a cardboard box on the street. Violence against men is dismissed as humorous (especially if it involves sexual mutilation) or as being deserved, "he had it coming". Twice as many males as females lack any health insurance, we spend half as much on health care for men as health care for women, and when it comes to sex specific diseases (prostate cancer and testicular cancer in males, breast, ovarian and uterine cancers in females) we spend 5 times as much for women, even though male specific diseases kill as many people as female specific disease. To dismiss male issues as trivial or non-existent is absurd. When you're a safe target for bigots who routinely portray males as stupid, lazy, dirty, worthless and deservedly destined for extinction (and who ironically inveigh against "sexism") a real problem exists.

  • Good Concept, but bad Practice... and name.

    The idea of Feminism at it's core is not suppose to be sexist but it creates an unfair playing field for male issues. It tries to solve all the unbalances between the sexes by only addressing female issues. Back when gender roles were still accepted because it was expected in darker times for men to provide while women did house work because that's how things worked best and both sides had somewhat equal Rights to Responsibilities (varies from culture). In this day in age these gender roles are no longer needed and feminists attempted and succeeded at fixing core problems. But it creates a problem as well. The majority of feminists only go after issues that benefit them and don't go after the ones that would hinder them in anyway. Again with Rights to Responsibility, the Majority of feminist go after all the Rights, but never the Responsibilities, and became men's issues aren't taken seriously, men can't argue to be relieved of the same responsibilities or to put them on women. To be honest I can't say I blame these women as much as I blame the flaw in how Feminism is operated as a whole. Not all feminist are like this though, I know quite a few that fight for these responsibilities because they feel as if society thinks they are inhibited vs a male.

  • Feminism is obviously sexist

    Feminism is wrong and sexist because they call anyone who doesn't support them a bigot, which means all men are bigots. The goal of feminism is to make both genders equal but they expect more than men, this also is possible that they're sexist to their own gender. Sexism means discrimination against one gender. Sexist is also expecting one gender to do something they did in the past(e.g men are expected to do work while women do housework). Feminism wants more than men, not equal rights because they don't care about men and think that women are the world. To the people who say some feminists are sexist, not all, have you even met one?

  • Communism was supposed to be about equality too.

    What I mean is that all ideas are better than the people who attempt to practice them. Unfortunately, if you were to look as critically at women as you do men, you would find that the majority of people IN GENERAL are lazy, stupid and corrupt. Male and female. That being said, right now it seems to me that men are the only ones being examined under a critical light, and it defies all logic and common sense to say that this is a movement about equality.

    My opinion is that the average person looks at the word Feminism, then looks the definition of Feminism, and dismisses the idea of equality altogether. Why?
    Because FEM-inism is about women, not equality. That's the problem right there. IT'S IN THE ROOT OF THE WORD.

    Feminism has become a fat, intellectually lazy power grabbing troll who lives off of enmity towards men.

  • Feminism = Equality for Genders, Races, Classes, Sizes, Ages, and Others [Not JUST gender]

    To truly understand oppression with gender and actually be a feminist, you have to understand other systems of hierarchy and inequality as well as interlocking oppressions. If you're a woman who's black and overweight for example, you can't say you're a feminist and just choose to support gender equality (hence, "equality" of genders, not women being treated better than the other - example, "'Women's Liberation' Acts to Free Men, Too" by Gloria Steinem - and in which can help men out by making women equal too, as well as other races, classes, etc.) if you also deal with racism and sizeism (prejudice against people of a certain body weight/size, usually) because then you truly can't eliminate inequality. You can't pick and choose like that as a feminist, so therefore you can't pay more attention to such a specific group. I'm not explaining it as well as I'd like to, but I feel like I have limited space and it's hard to explain in few words... Of course feminism DOES give more attention to women's issues than men's issues, but then again there are more severe, more numerous, and more prevalent issues for women than there are for men in basically any part of the world. So I wouldn't even say it's "unfair" to give female issues higher priority if they're more severe - i.e. men not being able to cry without being called "girl", "fag", "pussy", etc. (which, yeah, it sucks that they have to be seen so lowly and inferior to be called names that relate to being a female or homosexual) vs. FGM, rape, domestic abuse, and many others. Now, I do really wish that men's issues could be solved just as much (I honestly, truly, really deeply and sincerely do and would try just as hard to eliminate issues for men as much as I would for women), it's just that there don't usually seem to be as many or ones as severe, if that makes sense... There are also issues, however, that are maybe not as bad for each gender, but still bad for both regardless such as issues like pressure from the media to find imperfections in our body causing low self-esteem, eating disorders, you name it.

    But long story short, feminism fights to achieve equality in every aspect of society and culture simply because it's necessary and inevitable. Therefore, feminists do care about men's issues just as much - but we do tend to look at what most urgently or apparently needs changed. However, they do also believe that in most cases, coming closer to equality can cause equality to be reached more easily in other aspects (for example, fighting for women to be equal can also relieve men from many of their responsibilities while also finally giving women more worth in other aspects than being sexual, etc.)

    I hope that made sense the way I wanted it to... I have a bad tendency to explain things poorly.

  • There Are No Male Issues!!

    "gives female issues much higher priority than male issues" WELL MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE 90% OF RAPE VICTIMS ARE FEMALE!! MAYBE THAT'S BECAUSE MOST WOMEN GET PAID SEVENTY SEVEN PERCENT OF WHAT MEN GET PAID!! The reason we "give female issues much higher priority than male issues" is because there are FAR less "male issues" than female issues. Also, it's called "feminism". Not "masculinism". So OF course we're going to focus on the female issues!! If you're concerned about men's rights, start your own movement, don't try to but into ours.

  • Men are the privileged ones.

    Right now, there are problems facing both genders, but women are still the ones who are primarily oppressed. Until a closer state of equality is reached, treating women's issues is of primary concern. This is not to say that issues faced by males are unimportant, but that they are lower priority. Judging all feminism harshly because of the few feminists who do not acknowledge the issues faced by both genders only causes more bickering over the purpose of feminism. The longer this argument continues, the longer it will be for any issues to be resolved.

  • Feminism does not mean that Women are Placed above Men.

    We live in a world where people get referred to as "black poets" and likewise, "female doctors". To pretend that the current world already provides everyone equal opportunities is absurd. Is trying to eliminate discrimination and promoting the idea that every person is born equal anything remotely similar to sexism? No. The belief behind feminism is to eliminate gender disparities and provide equal opportunities for people regardless of gender.

  • Think carefully before answering this question.

    Disturbingly, the definition of 'feminism' appears to be a grey area for many people in this debate. Drawing from evidence based upon the actions of those who claim to be feminists is not a reliable basis on which to formulate an opinion of what feminism actually is. To clear that up, here is a definition from

    fem·i·nism   [fem-uh-niz-uhm]
    the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

    The key word here is 'equal'. If feminism was a sexist movement, that word would quite simply not be there. Any argument claiming that women are given unfair advantages over men is actually evidence in itself that sexism is still an issue. If women are being given advantages, it implies that they are in some way incapable. I completely agree with the stance that women should be able to make choices and advance in life based on their own merits and not their sex. However, sometimes it is necessary for a short while to put a small weight on the female side of the the scales, attempt to change some opinions and eventually bring about equality. For example, the law in Finland mentioned in the opposite column (stating that 40% of board directors must be women) is a positive attempt to put women into a male-dominated environment to ensure that they are integrated and hopefully to change the opinions of some of those employers towards women. Normally i would disagree with companies having to reach employment quotas regardless of the effect on their performance, but to have to go to such measures undeniably indicates that there was an imbalance in the first place - and the sooner these measures have achieved their goal and can be taken away, the better. (On a side note, requiring 40% of the board directors to be women is not even weighted in their favour).
    Feminism is NOT favouring one group over another. It is about bringing balance. Personally, i hold male issues in exactly the same regard as female issues. The issue of fathers' rights is something i feel strongly about, and i think that the imbalance concerning equal custody is deeply unfair. Although this is based upon outdated values regarding women and childcare, it still has an adverse affect on fathers which i do not agree with.
    Finally, absolutely no one can deny that historically, women have been the subject of far more discrimination than men. No evidence is required to prove this as it is a well-known fact. Therefore, while we must absolutely not cast male issues aside and while they are just as important, it must be understood that female issues simply outweigh them in sheer volume.

  • I believe the idea of feminism is much like affirmative action in that it gives women a boost up so they are equal to men.

    The Supreme Court ruled that affirmative action was not unconstitutional, and feminism is no different except using gender instead of race. Women are below men, and they still do not make an equal salary for the same job. Feminism would give them a boost up to the equal level, and what a woman makes of the opportunity after that is her decision.

    Posted by: Pyr0Dwa
  • The POINT of feminism

    The entire point of feminism is to raise awareness on the issues women face around the world, that DOES NOT mean that we ignore other issues. Feminism is the FIGHT against sexism so why on earth would we want to do the same to men? Calling feminism sexism is just ignorant.

  • Fighting for equal rights is not sexist, it is necessary.

    Feminists fight for equal rights, not to become more powerful than men, as many people believe. There are some extreme feminists who may have stronger beliefs, but basic feminism is fighting for equality. If and when women are actually equal in society in most respects, then it would be sexist to fight for more power for women, or to put more emphasis on female issues than on male issues.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • Feminism is supporting all issues in society. Age race gender sexual orientation etc.

    I can understand why people think that, but Feminists support male issues like, for example, men not being taken seriously if raped, which is ridiculous and sick. Feminists argue over issues in society that are unfair and need to be fixed in order to have a balanced society, regardless of gender,race,sexual orientation, nationality etc. So if you do not fully understand feminism completely, hearing the word feminism, with the word fem(ale,inine) in it you are bound to think that Feminism stands merely for the female gender and that 'all feminist hate men'. Completely untrue.

  • It is not

    While feminism focuses on issues for females, it in no way discriminates against men. Sure some misandrists use feminism as a right to hate men - but that is not the true meaning. Females face discrimination way more than males. The only example for men might be the idea that women are more competent to raise children than men, although that is based off of sexist traditions that the woman should care for the children whilst the men earn the money. I do think that people should be more focused on equality for all genders, sexualities and animals rather than one. But please don't assume all feminists hate men.

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