• Yes, I used to be an anarchist.

    While I think an anarchist society is possible, and perhaps even desirable to what we have now, I've come to the conclusion that it is altogether undesirable in the face of other ideas. The problems that we have with the government, currently, can be solved by means other than abolition. Although, the means are still radical nonetheless. A government is fundamentally necessary for the efficient enforcement of a civil law and the rights of individual liberty from fellow agencies and corporations, as well as to guide the fields of science, particularly medicine, for the production of exponential progress in facets of society like culture, technology, philosophy, art etc etc. The state, while extensive, should be socially minimal, and leave every man and woman to their liberties to choose how they live their life with respect to the liberties of others.

  • I think its a good idea....

    I think its a good idea a government is in place, but I wouldn't want it to be how it is now. I think the people should be able to pick who gets into office, and now I don't think if everyone choose the same as everyone else or most, I don't think it would matter, there would be someone in office nobody decided or one person did. Then again, I definitely wouldn't want anarchy here, there is some people that think anarchy is a good thing and then other group says its a bad idea. For me, I think anarchy is havoc. No government, no laws and rules etc. I can't imagine how bad that would be, well I can guess and it would be horrible. I think there will always be someone in power or something.

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