Is the idea of what defines a "good life" only economically defined?

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  • No, there's more to it

    I think for most of us, being wealthy is a big part about living a good life, but it's not the one and only determining factor. There are things like having a family to raise and love, a job you enjoy, and so on that help people define if they live a good life or not. Money helps but it doesn't determine it on its own.

  • No, it's not only economically defined, but it is mostly economically defined.

    When people think of a good life, they usually think about money first. But, money or wealth is usually just first, and not the only requirement. Usually the list goes something like money, family, fame, etc.

    There are people out there who just want money, hates everyone and everything, and so loves to rub their wealth in everyone's faces as though gold is everything. However, most people are social, and they want other people's acceptance. Having people around them, is what makes most people happy, that's why most people love to party so much.

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