Is the idea that Jews are different from whites stupid?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Im a Jew...

    Im an American citizen and i am down right enraged by the fact the we are even asking this question. Judaism is a religion not a freaking race!!! Who in their right mind even thinks that they can function completely unless they hear this fact. Most Jews are white. So it is actually the opposite.

  • One reason I pity this country lol

    And I don't mean "pity" in a nice way. Jews are a religion, not a freaking race. Lol Many Jews are actually white. So whenever I hear some dummie in this country say that Jews are different from whites, I say, WTF? Jews are a religion, much like Lutheranism. Most Jews are white. Lol

  • Judaism is a religion and Jews a nationality

    Jews are people in the Bible who come from the tribe of Judah. These are true Jews. The proper term for the people you are referring to is Jewish. Ish as in kind of, so kind of Jews. The Jewish are people who replaced Jews. To have a deeper understanding of this concept you would have to read the Bible and start with the story of Jacob and Esau.

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