Is the idea that nothing is real except for say my mind is real as extreme as the idea that almost everything is real?

Asked by: Edgar_Allan_Poe
  • How are you going to say that the idea that everything is real is a more extreme idea

    I beleive the idea that nothing is real is the most legit. Humans have not been around forever, and will not be around forever. So once everyone has died what will be considered real. There will be nothing and no one to remember that humans ever existed so what is the point of whether you are real or not. The only thing that can possibly make anything real is the existence of a higher being. In that sense the idea of being real is a fair question because in that sense your more than just something that will die and decompose into nothing. Im not saying what to beleive just saying nothing in this life is truely real everyone is living a lie. Death is real.

  • They are mostly perfectly contrary to each other.

    To say that the two views are not equally extreme is to say that hot is not as extreme as cold if say they are both ten degrees on one of two sides of zero. My father thinks that anything uncommon is extreme and anything common is not; Therefor I am wrong. I think that my father has insane definitions.

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