Is the implementation of Common Core going to improve public education?

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  • Hate common core!

    Common core is really hard and no one likes it. I want it to stop and I think everyone agrees with me. Common core makes benchmarks so hard that I don't even have time to finish them and I am already slow. I hope the government stops this! H
    ate it!

  • No! No! NOOOO!!!!

    Take this from a sixth grade straight A student.
    Every year, what we learn in school get harder. I was lucky to have parents who helped me learn to read, do math, write, etc. When I was little. But, however, more than half of my class was not lucky. They have parents who really don't help them with school work. So, when a kid fails a class, instead of helping him or her (in my school) they make the topic HARDER! Yes you heard me HARDER. Every year, what we are learning gets steadily harder until we are learning grades ahead of a certain skill. This is ridiculous for my class to be working on 7th-8th grade ELA when 9-10 students in my class can't even read on a 3rd grade level! What were people thinking????? Being a straigt A kid, im not trying to be mean, what i'm saying is, why are they boosting the difficulty when some people need to be helped on a lower level?

  • Very bad idea

    Having every single student in the ch try learn the same thing will give the government a lot of power. What every child is taught and what no children are taught will be decided in a very political way.

    We have just introduced a national curriculum in Australia and it causes big problems. A lot of kids can't meet the minimum benchmarks at the allotted time. Also the curriculum is designed more for political reasons than for educational ones.

  • No and I have a prove example

    Ok here is the deal the common core, while sounding ok is truly a bad thing. Real life example is my youngest child with Down's syndrome, she has a cognitive impairment meaning she learns at a much different rate than most kids. Presently she is in 4th grade working about the 1st grade level, we have been informed that next year the common core kicks in and she will be required to do 5th grade math, read a 5th grade level, etc. By definition she cannot, by ability she is not there yet, all this will do is frustrate her into not liking school.

  • It is Disliked by Educators and Legislators Alike

    Common Core is another one-size-fits all program. Broad, general reforms such as this are rarely successful for the education world. The two problems with Common Core are that it 1) does not recognize the differences between necessary education between states and 2) judge students heavily on STEM rather than a balanced education.

    The recognition of state differences is a huge problem with Common Core. In my home state of Missouri, in order to be an informed, educated citizen with good prospects in the job market, I need to understand agriculture, hunting, construction, and religion. In my current state of New Hampshire, I have to understand skills for office jobs. In a state like Michigan, I would need to know skills relevant to manufacturing. Common Core completely undermines the job-readiness programs of schools.

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