Is the importance of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure declining?

Asked by: Vaulk
  • Is their importance declining? Yes.

    We've forgotten that the point of the rules is to promote the understanding of the message the author is attempting to convey. If we can understand the message without the rules, then all the better. Adapt to let the language flow or be forgotten. They'll always be some rules to be sure, but nothing remains the same given time. Just see it as a new form of English as our modern English derived from the old.

  • Indeed it is declining.

    We live in the digital age, we live in an age of technology and communication, but we also live in an age in which somehow...It doesn't matter how you write or type. It's concerning that our social media outlets are littered with the ramblings of people that otherwise might sound coherent and valid, but come off as a waste of time to read. Have you ever tried to debate or argue a point with someone in person and your opposition couldn't talk straight, form a complete thought, or sounded like they were trying to speak gibberish? That's the equivalent to reading someone's thoughts that lack proper spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

  • Yes They Are

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