• The income gap is a problem

    The income gap between those at the top and those everywhere else on the income ladder has grown exponentially in the past two decades. This creates a society where a large portion of the citizens can not thrive and contribute in meaningful ways. Evidence has shown that these concentrations of wealth tend to perpetuate themselves. This will have dire consequences for the future.

  • The Income Gap In America Is A Problem

    The income gap in America has become a problem. While wages and earning for middle to lower class groups have remained the same for many years, when accounting for inflation, the wage for higher class groups has increased tremendously. So, now we see corporations where the majority of workers are paid a low-wage, while the CEO's and owners cash in. The middle class has almost been eliminated.

  • No, look at America vs. The world

    No, America does not have a income gap problem although the very rich may make more the ordinary Americans middle and lower class Americans are pretty well off. Overall our standard of living is better than the rest of the worlds and we are far more prosperous than other countries. Also look at the countries who have tried to make this a problem they are suffering overall and have a lower standard of living our poor are better of than there's are. This is due to the fact they have a more socialist form of government. Its quite amazing how I an ordinary middle class American can enjoy luxuries while in other countries the middle class is struggling to get by. This isn't a problem in America its the solution. Also I may not be giving the best argument but there are way better arguments and facts that support No rather than yes. And I assure you most of those people are from ordinary middle or possibly lower class Americans who are glad to live in such a prosperous country. I recommend you do your research into this subject more before voting yes. Thank you for reading this and please stay informed and vote no.

  • Income gap is not a problem

    People get what they earn. So people that work at McDonalds flipping burgers should not make as much money as someone who is working as a CEO and running an entire company with other peoples jobs on the line. That is a Communist idea and we see how that works out every time.

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