Is the increase in juvenile crime directly related to the increase in single-parent families?

  • Married fathers are necessary to reduce crime

    The increase in juvenile crime is directly related to the increase in single-parent families. Without a married father in the house, children will have a lack of discipline and no proper male role model to show them how real, ethical men are supposed to behave. Without the father at home, there is a lack of direction, love, and financial stability as well.

  • Yes, juvenile crime is on the increase due to lack of direction.

    Yes, juvenile crime is directly related to an increase in single-parent families. During a child's developmental times, attention and instruction from a parental figure is key to helping form a normal, productive human being. When there is only a single-parent around, the amount of attention and instruction given is decreased dramatically, which causes issues in development for the child. I believe this is the cause for an increase in juvenile crime being related to the increase in single-parent families.

  • Depends on what exactly

    Unfair divorce laws, yes, in a different way (which I'll get into in another answer). But in cases where divorce laws are fair (that both parents have a chance to see their kids), it won't cause negative behavior. In most cases a son of divorced parents will have a father to see at least and teach the right way. A case where a father abandons his wife and children is a horrible cases that will have destructive effects in the children. Divorce is not good ever, but a case of fair divorce laws is a lot better than a man who abandons his wife and children like a coward.

  • It's related to the lack discipline

    No, I do not believe that the increase in juvenile crimes is directly related to the increase in single parent families. I think the increase in juvenile crime is due to lack of discipline in all families this include single parent and duel parent homes. Also juveniles are not uninformed ase we may want to think, they understand that as a juvenile they will most likely not be charge accordingly.

  • Correlation does not me Causation

    Parenting as a whole could be one of the causes of an increase in juvenile crime but single-parents families are not a direct correlation. There are so many larger factors like environment, schooling, friends, etc. that could also be contributing to this cause. It does not matter if a child is raised by one parent or two. What matters is the type of parenting they receive. Single parents are just as capable as other families with two parents.

  • It is not related

    There are many other factors going on rather than just single-parent families. Many single-parent families are able to raise children that are not juvenile delinquents or commit juvenile crimes. It is more work for the single-parent family to avoid this but it can be done. The increase in juvenile delinquent crime is more likely due to a variety of factors including schooling levels, income levels, too much free time, no responsibility, and the like.

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