Is the increasing amount of art being produced on the computer beneficial to the art world as a whole?

Asked by: Dangeresque
  • I would say yes

    I believe that arts true purpose is to be a catalyst for a message or for the deliverance of an emotion or feeling. From someone who has made art on the computer and taken graphic design classes i would defiantly say that using a computer to make art does not make it easier to make, or take away the "human element" if you will. Art that is made on the computer is held in a much higher accord and to much higher standards, expecting it to be nearly perfect.
    I believe that this medium of art provides simply a new way to satisfy the purpose of art in a way that hand made art could not.

  • It isn't necessarily

    From my experience as an artist and an art teacher the digital medium isn't as influential as you might think. Yes, there are many people who create art from a computer, I am one of them and so is my wife, but it isn't as critical as you might think. Photoshop, corel painter, mudbox, zbrush, and many others can only do what the person in front of the computer can do by hand. If you don't know what looks good or what is considered quality work then a computer doesn't really help you. However, a computer simply makes what you already know how to do by hand faster.

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