Is the increasing use of media and it's protrayal of thin supermodels affecting young girls' body image?

Asked by: Whistle203
  • The Media and Body Image

    Children are impressionable. Advertising seeks to educate the audience. For this reason I believe the advertising genre should be highly censored and forced to educate their target audience along age appropriate guidelines. We do after all put warning labels on cigarettes and a picture of skull and bones on poison.

  • Girls are no longer comfortable in their bodies.

    This is one of the biggest things affecting teen girls daily. Girls aim to be thinner by dieting and 'starving themselves'. In a article I read recently (sorry, I forgot the name) it says girls get an average time of 180 minutes being 'exposed' to media and 10 minutes of interaction with their mothers. What I am saying is girls spend around three hours on social media, watching television, being on the Internet and etc. while they get around 10 minutes of conversation with their mothers When girls look to the media and see the media portrays and praises the supermodel's thin figure girls aim for that. They see it as the norm in society people wanting to be so dangerously thin hence wanting to do also. Most girls don't get the message that your body is beautiful just the way you are (as long as long as your are not dangerously thin or obese, which will affect your health) and that healthy is beautiful.

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