• It is a Language

    Indian's use a degree of English and their own translations to make up the dialect that they speak. Why would it be any less of a language than Spanish dialect of English or any other dialect of English? They use it in their schools and eventually families will switch from the dialect of Indian and English to full English anyways. I believe that it might be used as a way for them to speak English well when they come to the States.

  • It is a dialect.

    English is the language. It is a dialect. English, like other languages such as Spanish, is spoken differently in different areas. British English is different than American English, for example. Different words may be used that aren't used in other places and the sound is different, but it is still the same language.

  • A dialect isn't always a language.

    The Indian dialect of English is not a real language. This is because a dialect isn't always a language. A dialect can simply have more colloquialisms or slang in it, but it doesn't mean it qualifies to be called a different language on its own. Indian English just has some variations on a small number of words.

  • No it's not

    It is a dialect. It is an accent. The Indian dialect of English is not it's own language and it is not a really language. Nobody speaks that language as their native language. It is a dialect created out of necessity. It is a dialect used for Indian speaking people learning to speak English. They are speaking English, just with an accent.

  • No It Isn't

    I do not believe the Indian dialect of English is a real language. I believe it is simply the result of the difficulties encountered when trying to learn the English language and not being surrounded by native speakers. I believe this is common for all non-native learners of any language and the results shouldn't be considered their own language.

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