• Yes it is that too undoubtedly

    From birth to death certificate any legal proceedings /personal documents from government office involve corruption .They won't even spare disable / needy old retired person .Even public tolerate and accept corrupt tradition ashamed to be Indian people even eduacted Indians who were abroad started corruption in the name of staffing agencies/ IT bodyshop , refugees ...List goes on .

  • Yes, it is corrupt.

    Yes, the Indian govt. Is corrupt as most of the govt. Officials take bribes for leaving the prisoners and for doing anything in less time . The police is even not abiding the rules meant in the constitution that corruption is illegal . Many a rapists are moving free because of their money and muscle power.

  • Yes indian govt is corrupt

    The inabted growth in corruption is due 2 d weak laws nd corrupted politicians ,our india is not in d safe hands as they are not even trying to make stringent laws which halt the corruption bcoz our honourable politicians are subvert they have always tried 2 just feather thier nest politicians have never think for d country.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    While one could argue that any government has a level of corruption "built-in", the Indian government, especially, is corrupt. Any government that allows women to be mistreated (that's an understatement) and in which the court system outwardly to the world favors men, is extremely corrupt and should be seen as such around the world.

  • Yes it is corrupt.

    Indian citizens do not enjoy the same human rights and power of democracy as many countries. How Indian officials handle matters, particularly within regards to women's rights and the recent scandals regarding women and rape have brought about many red flags as to basic treatment of women in India. Indeed, the government should face reform towards these basic human rights.

  • Yes, India's government is corrupt.

    A great majority of Indian citizens have reported to have paid bribes to get around regulations and restrictions. The system of laws and taxes in India is quite complicated, and when such a system is in place many are forced to go around the system to get things done. Government officials are no different in this regard.

  • Yes, it is.

    I think that it really has become safe to say that the Indian government as a whole really is corrupt. The recent events regarding the rapes of young women and nothing being done about it goes to show that the government as a whole is quite corrupt on all levels.

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