Is the Indian government ready for disaster management?

  • Yes Indian govt can tackle any disaster

    There are systems in place to handle the situation during disaster as well as during rehabilitation and reconstruction. Resource would not be a problem. But what we need is civil society/ public cooperation. I think public are more interested in criticizing rather than cooperation. With public cooperation govt can tackle any situation.

  • No, I don't think they're

    Do you've any idea how are the systems of the Indian Govt.? Do you even think? If it happens! Are they gonna react to it? That to, very early stage. They aren't capable nor their sufficient in terms of financial health nor from any decisions. I say they aren't prepared!

  • No, the Indian government is not prepared.

    The Indian government is not prepared for disaster management. This is not a knock on the Indian government. Nobody can be prepared for disaster management because it is so unpredictable and changers every time. I think the Indian government will respond the best that they can but it will not be enough.

  • The Indian government is not ready.

    While the Indian government may think that they are ready for a major disaster, they are not. India has a very high amount of people, which will provide many set back for their plans. They will not have enough resources or people to help all of the injured or dead, and will not be able to recover fast enough to help people.

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