Is the Indian government's £125m fund to improve women's safety inadequate?

  • Yes, but it's a great start.

    It is going to take a lot to help improve women's safety in India. The government's funding may not be enough right now, but is an excellent start in the right direction to help improve the lives of the women in the country. A change such as this will take a considerable amount of time, but it is great to start to educate the people on such matters. The hardest part of it will be to change peoples perceptions as they are so accustomed to treating women poorly.

  • Yes, I agree for the reason listed below.

    The sum of money should be adequate to stop the victimization of women in India. I'm not an expert though, and I don't have all the solutions as how to stop rape. Using the money they could organize citizen watch groups that can escort women to keep them safe, just to give one suggestion.

  • It's not inadequate, but it could be more.

    It is great that the Indian government recognizes its problems and is working to correct these issues. One hundred and twenty-five million is a great start to help educate people that treating women as poorly as they have in the past is not acceptable in the modern times and create assistance for the women being victimized.

  • It is a great start

    If it can be proven to be limited in the effect it has on the safety of women in India, then yes, of course it is inadequate, but first, the country needs to determine what this size investment can do for women. If they are able to use the money responsibly and it still is proven that there is still a need then of course the government is needs to provide more money, but only once they prove that it will be used well.

  • No, it is a lot of money.

    Let's be honest here folks, one hundred and twenty five million of anything is not something that can be considered a small amount. This is a significant investment on the part of the Indian government, and should go a long way to making a difference in that country, for sure.

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