• Monitoring is typically unjustified

    The monitoring system, like much of the Indian government, is very much an unjustified infringement of Indian's rights and freedoms, and it is high time the Indian people realize this. Too much freedom is being sacrificed for nonsense justifications against terrorist, whether Maoist or Islamist, and it's time Indians no longer live in perpetual fear.

  • No the system is justified

    Although intrusion is not acceptable by many or I must majority..Altleast mishaps leading from terrorist activities can be prevented to some extent..Every activity has a positive and a negative aapect..In this the positive side seems to be heavier..We can definately cooperate with the system if it leads to living a life devoid of fear..

  • No, it is too intrusive.

    No, the Indian monitoring system is not justified, because it is too intrusive, just like the NSA is too intrusive in the United States. Indian receives help from other nations, like the United States. The United States has a strategic interest in good relations with India, so the United States helps India with security. Their own system is too intrusive for ordinary citizens.

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