Is the influence of the media detrimental to the American political process?

  • The news we see is not the news that's real.

    All of these media channels are owned by those who have a political standing and what this does is soils the news introduced to the American public, mostly 80% of news is all opinion based which means its pointless, however the viewers will consider these opinions as facts and changed their position on a topic they know nothing about and it will affect their political views in the large-scale.

  • The media has too much power.

    The sweeping majority of America does not understand how politics, the economy, the environment, etc. work, yet everyone gets a say in who gets to be leader. The people get there information from their own "trusted" news source (forgetting that they are there to make a profit) and are essentially told who to vote for. Then, we wonder how we are always getting screwed over by politicians that WE voted for in the first place.

  • Purpose of the media.

    What is an "American" political process without the media? People have the choice on what media coverage they allow themselves to see. If the media is detrimental, then don't watch it! Also it is the people's fault for not understanding politics. Blaming the media is just an American excuse to get away with residing with parties.

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