Is the ink of a scholar mightier than the blood of a martyr?

  • Yes, ideas change the world.

    Yes, the ink of a scholar is mightier than the blood of a martyr, because ideas are what have an impact of the world. People might remember what a martyr did for a generation, or two, at most, but people are still studying what Greek philosophers said thousands of years ago. They have had more lasting impact.

  • the brain is smarter than the fist.

    War and fighting resolves nothing unless a whole nation is destroyed. Intelligence and wit outlast blood and guts. Fighting only fixes issues temporarily while fixing the problem with intelligence last much longer. Also, if you are looking to some one, physical pain goes away but words leaves scars that last forever.

  • I'm just gonna throw this in there.

    Think about it this way. If someone said" let's do this intensely criminal act that's highly risky" would you do it? Now imagine if he had a gun to your spouse's throat. You'd listen right? That's just how things work, Idea's change the world, not usually. Look at that galileo dude. His ideas got him killed. And then look at god, the blood of a martyr, his son's blood, got a lot of people thinking. You guys want mind to beat body, but it's never gonna happen like that.

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