• Insanity defense is abused by many

    The insanity defense in the court of law has gotten worse over the years. They struggle to understand the necessary factors that go into why people commit the crimes that they do. Too many people are getting off easily from this notion to avoid jail time and go to psychiatric facilities instead in hopes of getting out sooner.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe that the insanity defense is overused. I do not believe this defense should be viable when considering a criminals punishment. I believe many criminals probably suffer from some type of mental problem but that shouldn't get them out of punishments for the crime they committed. I believe it has been overused because of this benefit.

  • Insanity Defense Overused

    I personally think that the given the influence of social conformity and prejudice, defendants pleading not guilty by reason of insanity face the significant challenges of securing fair and impartial juries. Attitudes and knowledge of the insanity defense are factors that may influence levels of impartiality. In the light of this, we set out to develop a scale to examine knowledge levels of the insanity defense and their influence on decision-making.

  • No they never get away with it

    It's very hard for a person to be able to testify that they're insane and get away with it first you need a doctor to testify for you even after you'll be admitted into insane facility where you undergo some test and if you're not insane than you're sent back and you punishment is much worse than before however I do agree that many people try to plead insanity

  • No: The Insanity Defense Is Not Overused

    The United States government is perpetuating the destruction of the planet and the destabilization of foreign nations through covert operations. The whole country is already insane. In the larger sense, on this material plane, justice is not served. There are only winners and losers. On the granular level, certainly people should be held responsible for their actions, but we are all guilty of perpetuating a system that flourishes on criminality and destructiong.

  • Insanity Defense is not Overused

    No, the insanity defense is not overused. It is not often that the insanity defense is successful in doing any more than causing a person who is mentally ill to be sent to the correct facility, a psychiatric hospital, rather than to a general population prison, where that person cannot properly be rehabilitated.

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