Is the integrity of the universe effected by political bias?

  • Bias" is the Universe's second name!

    The Borg are biased against the Killrati and both are biased against primitive terrestrial humans. Andromedians don't talk to Alpha Centaurians and both consider Milky Wayans to be "girlish". Upper Class trigenders from Horse head Nebula don't talk to their one third-sisters from Orion's Belt because those wear pink this season. Disgusting. As if they would have been sunbathing close to a Supernova too long. In Summary: this universe will not hold for another eternity. And who will like always remove the remains? Mother.

  • We do not have harmony.

    Yes, the integrity of the universe is effected by political bias, because we cannot all live in harmony. There is no period throughout the history of humanity where we have all gotten along. There are always wars. The people in Russia and the United States are not fighting, it is only our governments.

  • Bias clouds our judgement on right and wrong

    Many people vote for someone just because of their political affiliation regardless of their purpose for wanting to be in office. This can prevent the evolution of our race by holding us back and letting the unworthy candidate get power in office. Laws that need to be passed will take even longer due to this.

  • What? This makes no sense.

    What is this? The universe is not determined by us but by its own physical processes. What even is the point of this? This makes no sense. "Trigender"???? Is this a troll post? What in the hell? Why is this on the site? Why has this not been removed? K.

  • The universe is gigantic and indifferent to human affairs

    We are tiny mammals, on a tiny planet, in an ordinary solar system, which itself is in a run-of-the-mill galaxy. The integrity of the universe is something we cannot comprehend. All that we do and think and fell goes unnoticed by the universe. The universe is not a thing that notices, even if it did, I doubt that it would.

  • I Really Doubt It

    The universe is vast and we barely know anything about it. We are only players on this one planet with contact from nothing else out there, although odds say the chances of there being other civilizations are high. I do not believe our political bias has any effect on the integrity of the universe. This isn't Star Wars, this is a real life.

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