• Slowly ,but surely destroys our youth.

    The internet is slowly getting in the minds of our young children and the parents see that the children are getting more and more interested in the internet that they leave the child be, as they are led to believe that they are just simply enjoying themselves and no real harm is being caused.

  • The Internet is great

    The internet is were kids can can let loose and have more fun because adults don't want kids to have fun at all. Us kids need to have as much fun as possible. Not just chores to do and let our friends have more of the fun. We don't like no fun.

  • What? No it's not.

    To me the internet is great. You can do a lot of things on the internet, like games, YouTube, and PhotoShop. I'm in 7th grade and I take computer class. The only reason you think it's a bad influence is because you claim it makes us lazy. Well you're wrong.

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