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  • No, the Internet has done wonders for politics.

    No, the Internet has done much to make politics even better. Information is power and the Internet lets that power flow (almostly) as free as possible. It holds people accountable. It exposes politicians who have terrible ideas. Overall, the Internet has changed the game. You can't get away with just anything anymore.

  • No it is not

    No, I do not think that the Internet is a bad thing for politics. I think that the Internet is actually a good thing for politics such platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can bring both voters and those who run for office and who hold office together to discuss issues.

  • No, the internet can allow more people to be well informed on political issues.

    I believe that the internet is very beneficial for politics in general. The people can readily research various political issues and make more informed decisions when voting in elections. The internet can also allow for politicians and political candidates to be heard by a wider audience on various subject matter than in traditional media sources such as television.

  • The internet is the greatest thing for politics ever

    The Internet allows open debate and uncontrolled access to candidates. It allows people to research about them, ask questions about them, and observe a record of past behavior. I do agree that it is harmful for individual politicians, because they lose control of any spin that they could have put on a story. It also allows people to learn about candidates in many different modes.

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