Is the internet a detriment to religious beliefs?

Asked by: missmedic
  • It sure seems that way

    Religion does not suffer scrutiny well, questions are like cancer to religion. Science and the scientific method demand scrutiny. The scientific method is the most important discovery in the entire history of the human race. Religion has caused more harm then good, it's the agent of division for countries, cultures and education. The internet can answer some of the harder questions that can be answered. The internet bridges countries and cultures and brings people from around the world together to share ideas, solutions and common goals. The internet can educate people with no other access to education. The internet is science at it's best and where religion goes to die. Please remember where you read this, on the internet. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

  • Yes it is.

    Education and knowledge trump irrational belief any day. For this reason the internet is hurting religion as well as any other pseudo science or conspiracy theory etc. Religion and these other examples mentioned require ignorance and blind faith. The internet strips that away, if someone is prepared to question. Lets watch it fall into a better world.

  • Access To Information

    With the Internet you have libraries of Information you have that people couldn't have before. You can study Evolution theories and vise versa.

    People can learn what is about, what it means and etc. The access to proof of Evolution does a lot to.
    I used to be Christian before I joined the Internet, now I am agnostic.

  • The Internet made me what I am today.

    I've always questioned my religion and I would probably still be an Atheist, the Internet just sped up my decision. Watching Atheist You tube videos, like Darkmatter25, and reading story's of other religions helped me to decide if I will become an Atheist. Without the Internet, I would still be an Atheist but in 5-6 years or I'll be a non-practicing religious person, Catholic in paper, but Atheist in heart.

    Posted by: XLAV
  • Without a doubt.

    The internet makes access to information easy. If it weren't for that access, my faith would have never been challenged. After years of confirming what I wanted to read and listen to, I have been taught how to think critically about what I believed, and more importantly, why I believed it. Without the internet, I would most likely still be a creationist and remain in my dogma.

  • In it's current form, The internet has no impact.

    The internet may be a place for learning and does it's job wonderfully, but remember that the internet is also a free platform for intolerant and ignorant people to bash on whomever they feel like without proper reasoning; And that is what a large part of religious debates end up like. Theist bashing on Atheist and Atheist bashing on Theist. I think I've never seen an informal discussion on the internet that had any impact on me as a Christian and in large cases it just gave me a clear view on how many idiots are on both sides of the debate.

    To me, my religion is a column in the dark, it is my way to deal with whatever worries me in my life. It isn't absolutes, to me religion is a philosophy, it gives standards. The stories in the bible are just that, stories, written by man hundred of years after said event happened. What religion gives me is hope, it inspires me to follow the teachings Jesus taught us and forgive every man that ever does me wrong, and I've kept that to my heart so far and have no faults with anyone. Yet I can also accept that it isn't hard facts; I know evolution is correct, I have read more scientific material than is healthy for a man my age and I apply logic to everything I do, but I still think that with faith I'm always safe. And nothing I've read on the internet can nor will change that, and I am certain that I'm not alone.

  • A qualified "no"

    I do not see where the internet is having an adverse affect on religious beliefs with respect to general information that is present on the internet. It simply provides information and allows people to communicate more effectively. It is possible that a person may change a belief based upon information viewed on the internet but I do not believe that internet is causing the widespread abandonment of religious beliefs.

    I do believe that the internet has presented a new, and readily available, form of temptation. I can see where this may have a negative impact on religious beliefs, or at least to the believer's compliance to their beliefs and convictions.

  • Not at all

    It depends really on what website you go on, which people you talk to, and so forth. If your faith is strong enough, you can move mountains. (Metaphorical mountains.) I think a true detriment to religious belief is being surrounded by hateful people. In the same way an atheist does, I research my religion, bring things to attention, and form my own opinion of things. If it weren't for the Internet, I would not be able to see the good and bad sides of people.

  • It all depends on the person, nothing else.

    If you are firm in your beliefs, nothing could challenge your faith, internet or not. If a religion cannot even stand up to the challenges on the internet, it is fundamentally not worth believing in. The truth will always shine no matter how much doubt it has to go through. Having said all that, I'm an atheist while my mum is somewhat religious, and the Internet hasn't changed anyone of us.

  • Quite the opposite

    The Internet is very useful to religion. The age of the church has ended. In years gone by the church was a big part of the community and it no longer is. People are turning to the Internet to source their worship.

    Many churches put their sermons online now so they can be watched. People have lots of questions about theology and the bible and they can google them.

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