• For sure it is

    Democracy in other words is the choice of majority. So it is very important that everyone must be aware of all the information needed to take decision taking appropriate parameters into account. And internet(access to information) is the best and the most effective tool to serve the purpose in today's world.

  • Yes, the internet is a force for democracy.

    The Internet is a force for democracy because it gives everyone equal access to all available information. This creates a more educated voting system. The Internet also makes all opinions as equal because of the fact that everyone is anonymous. This helps to lead to a more fair democracy for whichever country uses it.

  • Internet enables free speech and access to information

    If we accept that freedom of speech is an underlying principle of democracy, then any technology or practice that enables or encourages free speech, like the printing press or legal right to public debate becomes a force for democracy. Access to information allows a better informed electorate. Paradoxically, if misused the internet can also be a force against democracy. It can be used for misinformation and gives special interest groups disproportionate power. The disenfranchised are excluded from participating in democracy on an equal level.

  • First Amendment to the Max!

    Where else can you find a location that is globally accessible geographically and on-demand at no more than your fingertips in order to voice your opinion? The internet! Not only is it so highly available and accessible, but even if you do not purchase high-speed internet at your house, as long as you have a computer or smartphone you can log on at any of several free wi-fi hotspots around the country. A key element of Democracy is freedom of speech, and the Internet embodies that in an amazing way.

  • Everyone has their say

    The internet is a force for democracy because anyone can say anything on the internet and have it seen by many people. This ability to speak to the masses is at the core of what democracy is. Undemocratic countries can no longer hide the suffering of their own people nearly as well, and government propaganda will have people checking and refuting it.

  • absolutely

    It is a force for freedom. I don't think too many people take the time to think what the world would be like without the net. Think about it. All your news would be from mainstream media. You wouldn't collaborate and get opinions from people in other nations. I think we'd literally be living in the movie Idiocracy without it (although some would argue we are anyway)

  • No the internet is a force for a republic

    A democracy means that the majority has the right to rule over the minority, whether they like it or not. This is NOT what a free America was meant to be. We are meant to be a republic, where the rights of the minority are protected to the max, even if the majority disagrees with it. This is what the internet is a true force for.....allowing such avenues for free expression and free speech where they otherwise would have little of it. So no I don't think the internet is a force for democracy, but rather a republic instead.

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