• The knowledge in the internet is from different sources

    One must be careful to choose from the right sources, however the internet is full of endless piles of data, from many different sources. There are plenty of sites that contain misinformation and even downright lies, but it is not to difficult to check out sources and determine if they are legitimate or not. The internet is one of the most reliable sources of knowledge, because it is almost always accessible.

  • Yes, the Internet is a reliable source of knowledge.

    I believe that the Internet is a reliable source of knowledge. There are many reputable websites that provide valuable knowledge, such as government websites, company websites or college website. A person surfing the web just has to be careful and evaluate the information on a website in order to get reliable information.

  • It doesn't always give you the right answer.

    In class today, we were correcting a paper and I used the Internet for one of the questions, but it turned out to be the wrong answer! I lost 2 points for that question, and my parents were furious! I don't think I can trust the Internet anymore. I'm shocked. In conclusion, it doesn't always give you the right answer.

  • Internet is no more than a global communication platform

    It allow every people to share their knowledge, ideas, and information.
    This does not mean Internet knowledge and information are reliable.
    Actually, Neither book nor internet are reliable.
    Even knowledge you studied at college or reputable universities such as MIT, Harvard, Cambridge not consider as reliable at all.
    Reliable knowledge are those which can be verified and repeatable for many many times. This what we call as "Hard science", but the scope of hard science is very limited. Many knowledge in Social science, psychology, evolutionary biology are not hard science and debatable and controversial.

  • Yeah you wish!

    Every single person can give their opinion on internet. Internet is a quick way of getting information and the real truth lay in the book. It is way harder to find a reliable source. I am not saying that there is no knowledge on the internet it is just the amount of people opinion which think there theory is right and so on.

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