• Most people waste their time on the internet, When not working. Plain and Simple.

    Look on a train, Bus, An airport——people staring into their screens. It’s difficult to make the statement that it is a waste of all your time, When so many things in our society, From directions to apps, All seem to run off the browsers on our phones. But more people do just stare at their devices endlessly looking for more useless trivia, Nonstop social media, Texting friends, Kids, Family, Pornographic images. . . . It’s the new norm, Good and bad. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? At home we do the same thing. It’s ubiquitous, And it’s here to stay. And here I am curious about this how these has affected our society, Wasting yet more time offering my thoughts here.

  • I think it is, Because it separates everyone from the outside world to spending time with family and friends!

    I agree it is a waste of time and money for some people, But yes, I understand that we may need it some day to look up important info and stuff. Sometimes, We just all need a break from staring at that bright screen all day, Anyone else agree on that?

  • Searches are Really Annoying

    If you search for a particular subject you get a zillion irrelevant bits of irrelevant info. Bing is really bad and Internet explorer is really pretty useless.
    Get Chrome...Yeah tried that and spent a small fortune getting my pc sorted out !!!!
    Perhaps the great Mr Gates could say something or is he too busy
    with other more important people????

  • Beyond shopping and work its useless

    While the internet is a very good tool for many things. It fails at the whole concept of saving you time. Mostly because if you think about it how many hours do you spend on it instead of doing things you should be doing like work or spending time with friends.

  • Intelnet has made us lazy and impacted our capacity to keep things in memory

    For very small things ,however trivial they may seem, we rely on Internet however the reality hits hard when we don't have access to Internet and we also have lost our ability to recollect those small things without taking any help from Internet.. Let's take an example the bus that you take almost every alternate days in a week , generally the time table is fixed ..But even for one would prefer searching on Internet ..Another drawback is the continuous distraction that keeps on happening duemail to those alerts and irrelevant events...Why should I care about some weird bloke on other side of the world eating tubelights while what is should be focused on is to plan better for my next meeting !!

  • Agree that social networking aspect is wasteful use of time

    You get lots of trolls whose goal is to want to make any one living feel miserable, inferior, inadequate. Companies start out selling promising ideals for a better world then once subscribed and the site becomes popular its tarnished by selling out to traders whose main interest is to use that webspace to sell, sell, sell... Not for profits tend to sell through subscription measures, educational networks sell the idea of verified certificates unrecognised by the institutions that provide these lectures and one site ven forces you to subscribe to verified certification if you want to test your knowledge on those very subjects studied. The information highway started of as a great opportunity to develop mankind but it's tainted nowadays bythise very businesses the take over and ruin every good thing that is developed and then, there is of course, the fact that you get mind numbing rants from people....Well, like me!

    There is a monopoly of search engines that focus on bringing up 'selling' rather than actually focussing on a person wanting actual research information ... Afterall ...To make the creators rich they gave to sell out to traders and they know its big business for selling advertising to any given company. There is of course more spying on the ordinary people ever since radicals sought to undermine the good intentions of the information highway and now thanks to their negative impact spying is seen as a just way of monitoring everyday people to supposedly generalise / evaluate behavioural patterns - yeah right! Even watching videos on you tube is logged and for what purpose other than to sell, sell, sell. Social networking is a waste of...Ooh look I've run out of ..Time !

  • Even this is shite

    I am living proof that the internet is a waster of time. I have nothing to say about it and i am very ill-informed. My opinion certainly doesn't matter and no right-thinking person would give me the time of day on any other platform. Noone talks to me nor reads anything i write. I don't even know what a website is. I just click any old button. I was looking at videos of "Cute babies eating lemons for the first" time yesterday. Why listen to me? But you just have. You could have been doing something useful like having a wank.

  • Big time sucking machine

    Sadly, the addictive-behavior aspect is a huge problem-attention spans being reduced is another. I agree, however with the person who said it saves lives. Oddly, it probably has opened isolated people to the idea that there are others like them in the world...Ironically, computer use causes more feelings of isolation, though.
    What ever happened to books and face to face conversations? Both more productive-if one has access to both.

  • Total Waste Of Life

    The internet is a waste of life.
    It is all smoke and mirrors.
    In order to find anything with real substance you have to spend hours searching thru brainless, mind numbing NONSENSE.
    Everyone with a computer is now an expert, everyone with photoshop is now a model and everyone with a smart phone is now a photographer.
    The internet is full of people who do lots of things half asses and nothing wonderfully.
    People who achieved real success and intelligence are not sitting around on the internet.
    It's an epic waste of time, you can learn more by simply paying attention as you walk down the street.

  • Sadly, I think we'd have to ask this of life itself.

    I'm one of those truth seekers is how I would identify myself.

    I started to notice that not only do people not look into evidence provided but that if I looked at what I or any of the many people who do show lets say a video of CNN so obviously faking the orignal Iraq War with silly scud props and their fake acting pretending a real news event was occurring.

    We don't do anything more than the naysayers.

    You can't expect justice from a system that never punishes a cop for example.

    You can't shoot all the stupid people or we'd all be gone.

    You can't meditate the BS away.

    Look at the eggheads with CERN - their genius hasn't produced any better outcome than my pondering. Stephen Hawkings and Neils deGrasse Tyson warn against how they don't think its worth the risk to blow us all to hell and nobody listens to them either.

    This is sure not what I would want to say but its true.

    What does getting off the internet do to help?

    Do we have to abandon cars too?

    Let's say we all became Buddhist monks; what would be the value of that world?

  • If anything, Internet saves time!We

    It helps us save hours upon hours of time wasted on research, traveling to the library etc. The internet is a great tool. Even if one claims it helps us procrastinate, it helps us do it efficiently. We may be reading pointless information, but how much more time would we have wasted finding that pointless information without the internet? Though one can argue that if there was no internet we wouldn't even come across the info, it is dependent on your view of productivity vs unproductivity. Someone may use the internet with 100% productivity, some with 0%. Generally I believe people fall around the 70% range as though we waste time, we also learn a lot, and learning is never a waste of time :)

  • The Internet is NOT a waste of time.

    It is in no such way that it is a waste of time! To this sir that said yes it is, why in the first place would you be on here anyway to answer to this debate?! I am only a middle schooler and even I am not dumb enough to say something like this and let it go un-noticed. It is completely ridiculous and stupid. The Internet is not a waste of time anyways! If there are weird things on here, THEN AVOID IT! Parents should block these websites from their children if it is really that big of a bother to them!

  • The value of the Internet is dependent on who is using it.

    The Internet is so broad. There are websites which are very resourceful and there are those that have no prevalence whatsoever. It is unfair to say that the Internet as a whole is a waste of time. The Internet is a gateway to vast sources of information, and if used correctly, can benefit one in many ways.

  • It's depend on how u use it

    Using internet just to playing games,or some lame shit is a waste of time but is your decision to choose to play games. Internet has become our daily helping tool,whether it is study or doing work,it is also one of the key features of sucess ......... Use the intrnet properly

  • It's up to us. We can use it properly or waste it.

    Internet is extremely resourceful so it's absolutely wrong to say that it's a waste of time. It helps us communicate with family, friends and other who are living far away which saves us a lot of time. There are thousands of websites which help us out with our daily lives. From hacks to homework and projects, it helps us with everything we do. It is also an essential part of a students life, it helps them gather information and improves their general knowledge. It helps us know what is going on around the world making us aware of how to be ready for any circumstances. Thus it is totally upon the way we use it which makes it a waste or a resource.

  • Depending on the way you are using it for.

    In my opinion it's not wasting time. It's saves time a lot. Let's imagine a world without a internet.Can we live? That's okay to earlier life but for this busy world and busy people internet saves their golden time as well. How fast we are communicating with others in a moment without any stress and ques.

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  • Its up to you and just you !!!! Waste time or use it !!!

    Technologies are made for us not us for technologies!!! If you are using technologies then its up to you to use it as a good way or the bad one!! Do your homework or watch movies!!! You have the choice ........... What do you think? CHOOSE ! CHOOSE! CHOOSE! CHOOSE !

  • Its up to you and just you !!!! Waste time or use it !!!

    Technologies are made for us not us for technologies!!! If you are using technologies then its up to you to use it as a good way or the bad one!! Do your homework or watch movies!!! You have the choice ........... What do you think? CHOOSE ! CHOOSE! CHOOSE! CHOOSE !

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Anonymous says2013-03-26T17:05:50.627
The Internet is a great invention and has Lead to many new advancements in many different fields to call it a waste of time is completely unfounded. While yes many of the youth chose to spend there time on the Internet surfing popular social media sites it still even then is not a waste of time it allows then to connect to people they otherwise wouldn't be able to connect to. It allows a instantaneous feed of information that otherwise would take dourness hours of time to find and filter through. Let's get off of the topic of the youth for a second and think of how the Internet has connected the world and brought use more together i do business with people around the world and with out the Internet that would be almost impossible to do, not only may I do business with then I can also pay them/ wire cash to the in seconds reducing the risk of losing it in the mail with even
totallylegitusername says2014-02-28T02:35:47.427
You know what's so ironic? The people voting for 'the Internet is a waste of time' are using the Internet for an educational debate website.