• It's epic for trolling

    I can epicly troll on gaming gamer youtube channels. It's simply epic. Also I can game and troll epic style on minecraft and TF2 and post troll faces to further my epic stature on the internet. Epic style. Also on family guy compilation videos it's epic for trolling too. This is my argument

  • I will not be persecuted for my opinions

    Anonymity is needed because of the social justice culture at the moment. I don't want to possibly lose my job just because Mrs loony the purple haired non binary landwhale cringefest is triggered by my opinion and free speech. Taking away anonymity is a massive blow to free speech and will only lead to the downfall of society.

  • Yup sure is

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  • Personal interests etc should be private.

    Internet anonymity is good. But I also think the deep web is bad. Those things are different things. Internet anonymity creates more crime but we can't let that destroy our freedom. People want privacy, i don't want the d*mn nsa et cetera seeing everything I search for. For instance, do some research on terrorism and you're on a list of possible terrorists. Disgusting.

  • It protects us from predators.

    No not like the animal predators, but pedophiles, rapers, stalkers. They all roam around the internet looking for someone to try and find. With anonymity, we can protect our identities form these people so we can be safe. Many times a year, a stalker finds their victim and kills, rape, or capture them. Though not all people without anonymity have had this happen to them, it may happen. Stay safe.

  • Anonymity is a given right!

    All the hoo-haaing about why it is good, why it is bad... Let's get real for a moment. When you strip anonymity away from a person, whether it be on the Internet, their tablet, mobile device, file cabinet in the office or whatever other source, it strips a persons basic right to privacy away. Privacy, despite its form, is a given right to every individual born to this earth.
    It's simple. I'll even give an example. Let's say I don't want people to know, in my opinion, that I think our president is a moron. So I do not speak about it, I keep it myself. Private. Get it... When you strip this basic right from an individual, no good will ever come from it.
    Now, with that said, no person, whether they are the president, the NSA, some pissed of grandma or a vagrant, has the right to violate my headroom.
    Unfortunately, I have to address the dark of anonymity. Like good things, it must have a bad. Why? Human behavior. We are guided by emotions, which, I think everyone will agree with this, are not always helpful. Even logic fails us. This is why we have the dark of anonymity.
    What can we do? Spend billions of dollars sifting through phone records, internet traffic, snooping through garbage... Pointless. If you caught one person, attempting to plot against the US and save 50 lives, is it justified? What if you spend 10 billion and never save a life, is this justified? Your answers are most likely different from mine.
    A few last things. People, thousands, die every day in automobile accidents. I do not see no government push to install roll cages in every vehicle, that would save those thousand lives. Thousands of people starve and live on the streets. I do not see no government push to bring those people back to society.
    Our country is in turmoil. We will fall unless we fight the right battles. Anonymity is not one of them.

  • Internet Anonymity is necessary in a free society.

    In the US, anonymity of penmanship of political articles is one of the cornerstones that formed the structure of our country (see The Federalist Papers). The purpose was to avoid personalities and personal attacks upon the authors. A person disagreeing with an anonymous statement could not attack it by saying that the author was corrupt, rather the person had to respond to the arguments made in the publication. This idea holds true today. Every freedom has a price that must be paid, internet trolls, while annoying and tedious, are a very reasonable price to pay for the freedom of expressing an idea without fear of reprisal or detraction from substance.

  • More Good Than Bad...

    Anonymity is good and bad, but it seems that it's more good than bad. The opposing side may say something like, "But people can post harmful things and no one will know who," but actually no. The government has the right to see who it is, even though they're anonymous. As for why it's good, there is a website made by the creators of Facebook called Class Confessions, where people can share their hardships and also ask for advice in school, without the need to worry about being teased for having those problems. Also, on non-anonymous sites, most people more popular get more attention, though when anonymous, everyone has equal say.

  • Internet anonymity encourages better business

    Anonymity on the internet is actually good for business. While some people want the extreme forms of the "minority report" movie-esque advertising all around you-based-on-your-likes-and-interests, Anonymity has strengths. Mainly, that someone can purchase things without having to identify. Most strongly this is found in adult items, but for women and men, perhaps buying a splurge item should remain anonymous, like formal shoes.

  • Double edged though

    Anonymity on the internet is both good and bad, but ultimately, the good outweighs the bad. Criminals and others who would use the Internet to do harm are actually less anonymous than they think. In contrast, people who can not or will not talk to people in person can do so online.

  • Internet Anonymity allows people to separate themselves from their real identity and not taking responsibility.

    I think that by having an anonymity on the internet, People don't feel as responsible for their actions as in real life. Therefore, They are likely to say mean things to others. People also feel that being anonymous, People will do something that they will never do, When their identities are known.

  • Online Anonymity Future Of This kind of comment

    Cdccccccccccccc c c c c c c c c cc c c c c c cc c c cc c c cc c c c cc c c cc c c cc c c cc c c cc c c c cc c c cc c c cc c c cOnline Anonymity is Super Bad.

  • The causes of Anonymity: More bad than good.

    Think about it, Internet can be a very dangerous tool, more when anonymous can use their state to harm or to make people suffer,. Several suicide cases have been committed because of anonymous posting mean or offensive comments on the victim's profile, twitter, ask page, etc... Several cases of suicide have been committed by teenagers mostly, and if these people die, the most likely thing for our future is that we will see a world were most people suffer from cyberbullying.

  • People are meany heads

    People can be super duper not nice and they can be very very mean and they share very very mean messages to people who don't deserve to to get them and they should not be anonymous and just own up to their actions, but until then they will still be very very mean

  • No accountability is necessary.

    Anonymity is very very bad because no accountability is needed. It is even psychologically proven that people become excessively uncivil when they do not have to own up to the things they have said about people, products, etc. Things like Twitter and Ask.Fm have been linked to several deaths in the past year. It is really worth a life to not have to deal with the humility of having your own opinion about those people or products or whatever you are to afraid to say with your name next to it.

  • I think it is bad

    There are reasons where anonymity can be good. People are most truthful if they have some anonymity and can say that is really going on without the fear of being outed. However, there are a lot of bad things. Just read YouTube comments and other sites. People say messed up stuff when they are not held accountable for it.

  • Internet anonymity is not good.

    Internet anonymity is not good because it protect hackers and money laundering. There have been several high profile cases in the news of black market websites that sell drugs and other illegal items. The police should be able to track down people who break the law on the internet in order to protect everyone's safety.

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