• Some is good some is bad

    I know this is super ironic that I'm using the internet to rant why the internet is bad but there are so many reasons why the internet is corrupt and unhealthy for you. After 3 months of research I'm scared to log into my Facebook or my twitter because of the fear of internet addiction. Kids, like myself, use the internet for the opposite reason it was made (I play excessive amounts of Sims 3 and 4). The internet wasn't made for you to poke your crush over Facebook, the internet was made for research projects and storing NEEDED information. So, yes, I support the internet. But do I support what it is being used for? No. No I do not.

  • Yes, the internet can be harmful.

    The Internet can be an extremely harmful place. However, it can also be a very easy and non harmful place as well. The important thing to remember is that the Internet is as safe as you allow it to be. Many of the harmful parts about the Internet can be avoided by the actions you take while online.

  • The internet is not harmful.

    The Internet is anything you want it to be. If you want to use it for harm, it will be that. If you want to use it to learn, it will be that. The Internet is society, it is knowledge, it is society, it is the world. You can't put a singular label on the Internet. It simply isn't possible.

  • Like many things in life, it is best in moderation.

    There are certain aspects of the Internet that could be harmful. If you have a porn or gambling or gaming addiction, it can be very hard to break yourself of it. However, the Internet also lets us keep in touch with our friends in different and convenient ways and contains a wealth of information and has made our lives so much easier.

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