• The internet is harmful to journalism

    Journalism is suffering from the lack of creditability of people on the Internet. Anyone can express an opinion and post what they think about a situation without having the responsibility of backing up their information with facts. Journalists are being lumped in with everyone else and their information is not being seen as credible.

  • No, it's all about getting more information.

    No, it is not harming journalism. The more information we have the better. I think it creates more opportunity for different people to get into the business and make their mark in the world. Now we can learn about any topic in any part of the world with just a few words and the click of a button.

  • It makes for accountability.

    No, the interent is not harming journalism, because it is making the journalists more accountable. Back in the day, we had to take what the newspaper said as true. Today, we can all be reporters. We can all get on the internet and talk about it. We don't even really need journalists.

  • Lots of Competition

    I believe the Internet is watering good journalism down, but I don't think it is inherently harming it. I think the excellent, unbiased journalists that are left need to band together and create their own on-line platform that goes beyond getting our news from CNN, FOX, or a Google search. Journalism is growing and changing, it just needs to adapt a little faster.

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