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  • All the information at the world is at your fingertips

    The entirety of human knowledge is only a click away. You can learn anything about everything at your whim. Sure, most people just watch cat videos, but you could learn about the history of 14th century Germany if you wanted to.

    The Internet removes the need to memorize minutae because you can look up dates and simple facts at a moments notice. This allows you to spend you mental energy on complex thought rather than rote memorization. Mankind has been getting smarter for generations and the Internet is far more likely to accelerate that process than slow it.

  • The internet can make you smarter.

    The internet gives us instant access to many educational resources. People even attend college online. You can learn new things at any time, and you are exposed to new ideas and opinions. It is a source of news, opinions, entertainment, and education. We can speak to people from around the world and view all sorts of educational media.

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