• Online shopping is so easy that many people seem to spend too much.

    The internet is really a part of our everyday lives. Most people spend at least a few hours a day on it. And it seems like a lot of that time is spending money online. Shopping online is easy and convenient so many people turn to that instead of going to a physical store. This has even caused some companies to sell their products strictly online.

    So while the internet can be a helpful tool for different aspects of life the main reason I see many Americans using it is to spend their money on a huge variety of products.

  • No the internet is not making us poor.

    On the contrary, with the invention of the internet, it is not easier than ever to create a small or even large business. With the internet the ability of spreading your business has increased by a billion fold, with potential customers and consumers all across the globe. The internet has given vast amounts of opportunities so blaming it on creating the state of the economy it is today is ludicrous.

  • To my mind if you know how to use Internet, you can earn money.

    The trouble is that people waste a lot of time in the Internet. We can see a lot of advertises, things which yo can buy. However everyone decide yourself. If you do not want to spend your time on internet, it is your choice, but if you want it, you can earn some money in the internet sphere. On the other side, you can buy goods and food in the real shops, not in the internet shops. It is your decision what you will choose because there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Why don't you just say it? "McDonalds makes people fat!"

    Except it doesn't. We make ourselves poor. We make ourselves fat. If we have enough self-restraint, we can avoid a large majority of our petty dilemmas. It's our responsibility to control what we do with our money. To pin the blame on the internet is to run away from responsibility.

    So what if stores are starting to sell their products strictly online? That's your cue to get out and find other things to do. Don't just say, "Oh darn. Well, it's out of my control."

  • No, the Internet is not making us poor.

    When you think of the Internet you think of bargain shopping online, right? Anything that saves us money helps increase the quality of life is a good thing. Another cool feature of the Internet is that it allows us to use coupons easily and there are even a few ways of making money using the Internet.

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MeaganBT says2013-04-01T04:33:10.760
Online shopping is as easy as physical shopping. Internet has nothing to do with why people are loosing money. The fact that you have to go to through the process of buying these things, makes it easy to say that if you could do it online you would it at the store. Therefore humans are making humans poor.