• The internet is impersonal.

    The Internet is negatively impacting people because it is so impersonal. People have the ability to put their ideas and views out there and immediately start tiffs over them. People throw insulting words around carelessly and this makes it seem like society is falling apart. The lack of civilization online makes our world feel negative.

  • It Does Some

    I believe there is plenty of proof out there that the Internet does impact some people negatively. It really depends how you interact with people on-line, in real person, and what you do on-line. Bullies and their victims are both being harmed by the Internet. Potential employees who don't realize their misdeeds on Facebook are being negatively impacted as well.

  • People let anything negatively impact them

    It is really a wonder how this country invents so many cool things with the amount of negativity out there. All you hear when a new idea pops up online is how terrible that idea is. Plus, all the trolls that are on the Internet, who just try to ruin people and businesses livelihood. People let the Internet effect them negatively, it doesn't have to be this way.

  • Yes, the internet is negatively affecting some people.

    I truly believe that the Internet has a significant negative impact in some people's lives. While the Internet can help some people to live better and more efficient lives, it can also cause a lot of problems for some people. Some people face addictions with the internet that causes problems for them.

  • Like the person said above me and homework gets easier.

    I have a friend that lives all the way in Pakistan.ME and her talk almost every day using the internet.And its easier to do school papers using the internet without the library books that our parents had to take in order to do their homework.And to the people who said that yes ,the internet is negatively impacting people ,then how did you type your answers ,if you didn't have the internet than you could never finding this website

  • It helps us connect.

    No, the Internet is not negatively impacting people, because all of the problems that existed in society still existed. People still had gambling addictions, and they still looked at pornography. There are upsides to the internet too, and that is that we can connect in a positive way more than we ever have before.

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