Is the Internet proving to be an effective recruiting and organizational tool for Al Qaida?

  • Internet is proving to be effective tool for every business

    The expansion of Internet has caused for all businesses to recruit organizational tool. Easy accessibility to different sources through Internet has made this job more tangible to recruit tools for their own business. Now, those tools can be effective for: Production, recruiting, information, automation, or for other reasons. Groups, businesses, personal Internet users and so on... All of these use from Internet for a good purpose.

  • I have no ties but I assume it would.

    The Internet is a tool that makes communicating simple, efficient and effective. It has made business possible in a lot of ways, so we could reasonably assume that it has made recruiting for them much easier. This does not make the Internet a bad thing that we must shut down, it is just an unfortunate side-effect.

  • Yes, I think the Internet is proving to be an effective tool for Al Qaida requirement.

    I believe the Internet allows Al Qaida to reach people sympathetic to them all over the globe as opposed to before when they recruited people only in the areas that they operated in, I believe that this is a dangerous method for them to recruit people since they don't know who they are dealing with initially.

  • I think the Internet is probably contributing to them being caught.

    A couple of years ago, I might have agreed that the Internet was helping with recruiting and organizing of Al Qaida, but now, with the Snowden revelations, I think the Internet could be proving to be their biggest weakness. There is a pretty good chance that all their Internet communications are being intercepted and helping them being stopped, and captured.

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