• English is now dead because of the internet

    Exactly how are we suppose to know the origin and the true English language when all we do now is use slangs and abbreviations of English words which we all don't know about right now! When typing, We always say, For example, 'Because' is the original but now its 'bcs'm

  • Yes, it encourages the use of slang and improper grammar

    The use of slang allows, and even encourages, the use of improper grammar and spelling. The focus is on using the least number of characters possible and this leads to the disintegration of the language as a whole. Therefore, by encouraging slang, we are encouraging the use of 'bad' language.

  • Pay no taxes

    You pay your taxes in order to provide the present and future generation of children an education of some sort, but what do they do they write and speak like illiterates - what a waste! If a single penny was not spent to educate them you won't have noticed the difference. It's like giving a dog a bath and the first thing he does is roll in the the dirt and you wonder why you bothered.

  • Problem is, reason being, that said, should of

    Problem is people cutting out needed words to complete sentences. Reason being is to type less. Thing is it makes people sound stupid. They should of used better english. It's different to what past generations did. That said its better then what it could be. Whats more is its acceptable to boot.

  • Hi im yes

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  • Yes it is.

    I need no argument, simply read the way people type. That's how the language is to them; it's only going to get worse with the upcoming generations. The day I pick up a formerly published book and there is internet speak in it is the day I will give up on America.

  • No slang is not ruining are vocabulary

    Its making it better i think u would be able to communicate faster. What if u had an emergency and needed to tell them something but could not get a hold of them so they sent u a message like sos or drive her quick with emojies. So i think it has made are society better in at least someway even if people think other whise thee haters keep saying lol amd omg an ttyl and all that good stuff.

  • Yes, slang words destroy the english language we speck today.

    The reason we talk today is to get our point across. I think that the slang today is destroying our way of speech and will continue to do so in the world we live in today. The kids will learn from the slang terms and will use it instead of normal english as they mature.

  • The internet itself tends to degrade communication

    I agree with the other yes posts, and would add the following:
    1/ Of course language changes but what doesn't change is the need to write clearly. Bad spelling and grammar can get in the way of that, to the point where some posts are not only hard to understand but quite scrambled.
    2/ The net encourages brevity. Most posts are limited to a few sentences. Unfortunately it is hard to say anything significant, to develop an argument properly, or to deliver much information in something like a tweet.
    3/ The net encourages immediacy. Most posts look like first drafts, quickly tossed off. Any professional writer knows the value of editing and rewriting for clarity. Moreover, rewriting usually has the value of making you look at your work more dispassionately. The net does not encourage this and many posts are not only flimsy, but degraded by excessive emotion.
    4/ It seems that there is a culture of resolving issues by the number of hits rather than caring about the quality of argument. (This site too.)

    Result? The internet, by its very nature, encourages a "headline" culture with often very immature content. If this is the sort of thing people spend their time on then they are removing themselves from depth of information and quality of thinking. So do I think that the net is ruining the English language? Yep. I do.

  • Yes, internet slang is ruining the english language and society.

    I believe that all of the slang we have is ruining english literature because kids (especially teenagers) are more focused on the slang than their education which will have a big impact on their lives. I believe that slang and other words created are of no use in the modern world. I remember a time when the # symbol meant number and not hash tag or when taking pictures of yourself and your friends was just called taking a picture and not called a selfie. We have practically thrown away most of our educations on slang and because of this, our country is failing as a whole. So i beliieve we should be embracing the english language instead of destroying it.

  • English is a language, It cannot be "Ruined"

    I believe that a language like English which is being used since forever, can be changed or ruined because of the Internet. I personally think, The internet has helped me improve my language. We do use slang words and short forms, which make no sense and ruin the language, But that is only on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We don't use such terms in our Examinations or any where else.
    The language has been changing since the time of Shakespeare, But we call it "Evolution of language", It has not been ruined. Therefore, I think that Internet does not ruin the language.
    A language can not be ruined.

  • What is the English language?

    English is one of various European languages to be stemmed from the old, civilized languages Greek and Roman as well as their daughter languages (the Romance languages.) Much of the tongue has spawned through folk etymology. This means the common people misunderstood a word in an unfamiliar language and that word became old English (an example is muskrat.) The changes that are occurring in the usage of English are not unlike the changes that brought our language into existence.

    If anyone has read a few Shakespeare pieces, they will know that even after such a short period of time as a few centuries, English has evolved immensely. If English has reached a state that is good enough to even be potentially considered tarnished by the Internet, then one has to accept that change is beneficial for language.

  • No, the internet is not ruining the English language.

    If anything, from the many millions of articles, and information listed on the internet... Accessible to the average westernized 2013 human being, the internet may better perfect our English. I am sure I would have been a much worse English spoken being if I had not had internet. This is my belief.

  • No the internet

    Is not ruining the English language. Idiots who use language not native to English, aka slang, would be those partially responsible for contributing to the ruining of the English language. The internet solely connects computers and in turn us. Whatever side effects it has, is due to human action, error, and idiots, not the internet itself.

  • Language development .

    Many people seem to think that language is being ruined, as seen by the "Spanglish" phenomenon and such. But, I think this is really just the evolution of language. What would Medieval people think about people's grammar and spelling today? "O Thy arst having causation of horrification en mine". So, it's just evolution that has been happening since the invention of language. Nothing to worry about.

  • No, I don't believe the Internet is ruining the English language.

    I don't believe the Internet is ruining the English language. If anything, it is expanding our language. There are new words that have to deal with computers, blogging, websites, etc. That have never existed before. Learning the language that has developed as a digital nation has emerged is making people more literate, not less.

  • Language is ever changing

    I'm not exactly sure how a language can be "ruined". Language can be suppressed, it can dissipate, it can mold and combine with new languages, I really don't think it can be ruined. Language is constantly undergoing changes and fads. The internet has only brought around new words and phrases for people to use, and these words and phrases are not less important than any others. Some words can be overused but this has always happened. The phrase "far out" was overused in the late 60s and 70s, but it never ruined the English language. In the big picture, the internet only gives us a wider vocabulary.

  • No the English Language is not ruining our language.

    I am i high school and have seen people use different words throughout. The thing ive noticed is they are all just phases. Ive always tried to keep proper grammer and have noticed people go through cycles of words. By the time people come out of high school and onto college alot of then know how to speak properly and in time lose thier teen fads. I dont believe the internet has anysay on the entire english language.

  • No not at all

    Languages are forever changing, English itself it a mesh of different languages so what is proper and what is not? There is endless amount of exceptions in our language that really have no explanation as to why or where they came from.... The language is so complex. The language (especially here in America) has long lost its roots anyway so the question is a few hundred years late...

  • No, slang is not ruining our English language.

    No slang is not ruining out language. Our language is always changing. We have slang because we don't want to say the full word. I believe that nothing can ruin our language, it will just make it a little different than before. One day there will be different slang words and nobody will remember what we say now.

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