Is the internet too powerful and does it endanger our privacy?

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  • The NSA is violating our privacy all the time in a world where technology is needed in many peoples lives.

    We use the internet so much these days such as accessing our bank accounts or emailing staff. In a world where we use our technology to communicate and run parts of our life we need our privacy. The NSA didn't care about these things when they started gathering all of our personal information to tackle "terrorists." The fact of the matter is that the NSA and the government were scared and decided to use advanced spying technology to monitor everything. When that threat died, they decided to keep spying on us and gathering information to be "safe." When the reality is that they kept spying so they didn't have anymore information leaks. In conclusion in a time when technology is needed in many aspects of a lot of peoples lives, the NSA and probably more government secret ops programs are spying on us violating our privacy.

  • If you use it right

    If you use the internet correctly. If you are worried about your privacy being endangered, take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. People complain about all these companies and government organisations who collect data on people, but the reality is, people feed the internet with things about themselves. If you are so privacy conscious, don't post anything personal online, or better still don't use the internet.

  • The power is in your hands

    The internet is only powerful if you make it so- it is all down to you how much information you provide and what you fuel the internet with. If you put up innapropriate pictures of yourself or put in details about your adress , it is natural that the internet will act upon the information given.

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