• Yes, the iPhone 5 is better than the HTC.

    Although individuals may have personal preferences when it comes to smartphones, overall the iPhone 5 represents a product superior to the HTC. The iPhone 5 incorporates a variety of well refined tools and supplemental resources exclusively from Apple that do not currently have comparable counterparts in the HTC brand. This includes everything from iTunes entertainment availabilities to specially designed business productivity apps available for the iPhone lines of products.

  • No, the HTC One has better hardware, a bigger screen and better sound.

    While the iPhone 5 is an impressive piece of technology, the HTC is leaps and bounds above it in several key areas. The screen on the One is .7 inches bigger with a screen that actually has a higher pixel density than Apple's vaunted Retina Display. The processor is also better on the HTC One, which is shown in both benchmarks and real world usage. Finally, the HTC One has front-facing speakers which project sound towards the listener, as opposed to towards the bottom of the phone as in the iPhone. There is simply no comparison between the two phones.

  • No, both the iPhone and the HTC offer positive and negative features.

    Although the iPhone 5 is an impressive piece of technology, both the iPhone 5 and the HTC have benefits that consumers can enjoy when they purchase their mobile devices. Both devices also have their own drawbacks. The better device is ultimately a decision in the eye of the beholder rather than an objective statement.

  • The iPhone is a different device than the HTC with a different operating system.

    The iPhone and HTC have different operating systems that make them desirable to different groups of consumers. The iPhone operating system is particularly compatible with Mac systems while the HTC is more Windows friendly. Ultimately, this preference dictates the choice of many users when they are choosing a phone. To say that one is better than the other, however, is comparing dogs to cats.

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