• Better than the one before.

    Apple takes great pride in only putting out the best products on the market, so iPhone 6 really is the best smart phone ever made. Those who work on programming and designing the operating systems are the most talented developers and engineers in the world. iPhone 6 is just the next step in Apple's dynasty.

  • Yes Absolutely, I own one.

    I own an iPhone 6 and I personally think it is the best phone ever made. It's sleek and incredibly responsive. Definitely an incredible friendly user interface that allows anyone to pick up the phone and begin using it. The new display is also rich in colors and curved towards the edges.

  • No. the iPhone 6 is not hte best smartphone ever made.

    The iPhone 6 has so many issues in the first month of it's release that it's hard to call it the best. It's hard to believe that they still have so many loyal customers when new updates come out most of them flop and they have to fix them, some times taking up to a week to fix. It's also hard to believe because other companies make very similar products that do pretty much what an iPhone does and in some cases more.

  • Absolutely not. no

    There have been SO many issues! They obviously tried to pack way to much technology in to the phone, and made it bigger without actually putting a ton of thought into it. There is no point in buying a phone if the updates render it useless, and it bends in half in your purse or your pocket.

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