• IPhone sucks I hate my new phone!

    I've had this iphone6 for a month and boy do I regret it! The features are horrible the Samsung 3 I used to have did so much more! Like the fact you can't separate volumes of ringer and alarms? Or if it's on silent your alarm won't go off!? Wtf! Or the GPS mode, wifi, and cell signal isn't easily turned off/on only the wifi or airplane mode, dumb. To select between words you can't just tap you have to hold, dumb. Samsung had so many more features and was a lot more up to date. I am regretting this purchase!

  • Sorry Apple Fans! I don't mean to offend!

    While the hardware is top notch, it just added features that have been available for a while. Predictive texting was introduced in the Iphone 6, and my 2009 LG Rumor 2 had predictive texting. The IPhone 6 does lead in certain developments, but it is a bit behind when it comes to customization, texting, and layout. All those supercede my need for an IPhone, and that is why I have an HTC One.

  • They have nothing missing that anyone would actually want.

    I do not believe the iPhone 6 is behind in the market. It is missing some of the features that are on the latest Android phones, but Apple have always stuck to the features that people actually need, rather than gimmicks that other phone makers put on their phones, which never get used.

  • It's a nice product.

    No, the iPhone 6 is not way behind in the smartphone market, because I think it is cutting edge. Apple does a good job making sure that their products are functional. By an off-brand, and you will get a less expensive phone that might or might not work. I know my iPhone 6 is always going to work no matter what.

  • iPhone 6 is current!

    I don't think the iPhone 6 is behind at all. The competition has definitely grown, but Apple is consistent and that is what others are lacking. Sure you can buy a phone with more bells and whistles but to me they are disposable phones. The iPhone6 is built to last and with quality that surpasses all others.

  • iPhone 6 Is a Jewel

    I am a great fan of iPhone and think the new iPhone 6 is awesome. The iPhone brand is an icon amongst its fans. No true adorer judges or compares it to other smartphone models. Owning and using the iPhone is just enough to be cool and modern. Anyone looking for a model for tech geeks or coding should look around the competitors.

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