• Yes, it is.

    I think the iPhone 6 looks awesome and well worth the upgrade especially because a lot of providers are offering to give out the phone for free in exchange for a new contract. In this case the price is very low and you can also negotiate on contract terms. I think this is a great way to get the newest and best phone for cheap.

  • The iPhone 6 is a marginal upgrade at an expensive price.

    It's up to the individual to determine whether the benefits of the iPhone 6 are worth the price. However, while the phone's features and specs are an improvement over the previous iPhones, there is no new "killer app" that makes it a must-purchase. The device only makes sense if you desperately want a larger screen and cannot justify leaving the iOS platform. If staying on iOS isn't that important to you, then an Android phone with equal or better specs and features is a better buy.

  • Not many new features,

    The iphone 6 doesn't really have many new features that are different from the old model (iphone 5s). Sure, it has the credit card capability thing that allows you to use your credit card from your phone, but that capability has been available on android devices for years. Also, all of the other upgrades (bigger screen, better resolution, etc.) exist on many other android platforms, and can be bought from android for a much, much lower price than the iphone. The only reason for getting the iphone 6 would be if you absolutely can't live without iOS. Other than that, it's much more economical just to get the phone with the better statistics from android, or just not upgrade at all.

  • The IPhone6 is not worth the cost to upgrade.

    While the iPhone 5 now has a newer version, the iPhone 6, the cost to upgrade is great for the meager improvements in functionality it provides. The iPhone for those that want them as an upgrade, will cost between $199 to $399. One of its main selling points is its larger "phablet" screen. In my opinion, the cost to upgrade for this feature aloneis not worth it. In addition, there have been reviews saying that the iPhone 6 has issues with having a lousy battery, further supporting the thought that this upgrade is not worth the cost of admission.

  • I feel it's not the right time

    Don't get me wrong, I currently have an iPhone, and love it. That being said, at this current time, I do not think the iPhone 6 is really worth the cost to upgrade. But, people feel the need to have the latest technology just to feel that they are "keeping up" with the times. Companies know this, and will take advantage.

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