• Yes, of course it is!

    Whoever says that Samsung is better is wrong. First of all, the company is really your enemy, they are from Korea. Second of all, they lied to the US government and dare to kill people. How? They thought this is funny that they want to explode the note 7 because they thought this is a joke. Next of all, 50% of the phone is made from nonsense material. The US banned the use of Samsung, especially the old one.

  • IPhones are better because they have better security

    On iPhones you can do fingerprints and no one has the same finger print as you! In conclusion, iPhones are best for the best security and are extra safe and hard to get in to. My name is Georgia and this was my opinion today! Thank you for listening !

  • Iphone is the best

    I recently switched from an iphone 5 that i had to an HTC one M9 as i was a little tired of having the same old phone, the deal on the HTC was a lot better as well. So after using android for just over a month now i have finally gotten it to a point that its ok after downloading a new keyboard, new email app, adjusting all the settings and changing the entire home screen. All i can say at this point is that i would go back to an iphone for my next upgrade, I have tried the much praised android phone and i am not impressed at all, what good is customization if it is necessary just for a phone to not suck at basic operation.
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  • Maybe not better at the start

    If you like a phone with a lot of customizabality and third party apps etc
    people will tell you go android but i can say without a doubt from being both an android and an iPhone user a jailbroken iPhone is better than any android and i seriosuly recommend jailbreaking (please do research first)

  • NO better all purpose phone

    The iPhone is more expensive and more fragile than almost any android phone similarly priced or the same price , but there are still quite a few people using the iPhone 4 and 4s this is 5 years after there release can anybody say they regularly see someone using an android 5 years after its release NO. The iPhone is for people who want a simple phone people who want support from real people with there issues from a company that in my opinion is very good about all issues i had an iPhone 4s back in 2015 and it started having small software issue way out of warranty and i brought it in they said they couldn't fix it but since they said it was there fault they gave me a new iPhone 6 for $150 tell me a similar story about your local samsung store oh wait they don't have official stores

  • Its simple people

    It sets the bar that every other manufacture trys to beat,so lets think a moment........ If the compitition is trying to match you is it not clear your the best???? Sure is to me ,and i dont need another 16 fancy bul lshit catch frases to convince me
    thank you

  • Its the most beloved&hated phone for a reason

    The iphone has always been and will continue to be in my opinion the phone to beat. Its quality in features, simplicity and reliability are second to none. The customer support you receive from apple is amazing and apples products are second to none. The iphone continues to improve with every iteration and yes it may not be the most powerful phone with the largest ram or hd size or even the most pixels, but apple knows how to make a damn good product. Sure the androids offer much more flexibility depending on what exactly you want to do. Most people just want to arrange apps in folders and change layouts and deem that as "freedom of choice". Apple does clutter the phone with a bunch of useless apps that you will simply delete or stuff into a folder labeled "junk apps". Picture quality, smoothness, siri, customer service and the innovation apple brings to its products will be hard to match for many years to come.

    Just my opinion.

  • I phone is hands down the best phone out there

    For 1 look at the camera qualitie on the phone its the best out there. Then look at the charging speed of the iphone. They have a slim body and a good screen and its just overall a better everyday phone for the average user. The Iphone lets you coustimize it to your standards

  • Android is the PC of smart phones

    If you like windows then android would probably be your choice, if your a mac person then the I phone would suit you better, its more of a tie or personal preference as android is an OS not a phone, compared to Samsungs galaxy the I phone lags in innovation but surpasses the Samsung in safety and protection. I prefer IOS because I know when I get my updates.

  • Because I said so!

    The iPhone was always the best ever where you go everybody has a iPhone thats because everybody bought one. Samsung is T R Y I N G T O B E A W A N N A B E! T H E Y J U S T N E E D T O G E T L O S T! -----SoCloseToToast

  • The iPhone is for people who don't appreciate good technology.

    It is not durable -glass breaks-, it is not strong -glass breaks-, it doesn't have better memory -all Android phones have he possibility for expandable memory, and the iPhone does not.-, it does not have better internet -the internet is determined by the plan provided by the provider.-, it arguably does not have a better touch screen -the small screen lacks functionality that a larger screen could provide.- Now let me tell you what Android can do. Android is open sourced, it has complete multitasking capability, it has more free apps than any other OS provides, it is expandable with ROOT access. Apple is no longer the king of the smartphone industry.

  • Limitation. Limitation. Limitation.

    Apple severely limit the iPhone in terms of what it can legally do (that is to say Jailbreaking is still deemed illegal as it reflects a breach of contract with ones operator.) Other devices, running the far superior operating system, Android, have a much higher potential in terms of what they can do, and what they can prospectively do, it's nearly limitless. The iPhone is the equivalent of bloatware, it's pretty (questionable) but all round rubbish. Furthermore, the constant rebranding of the device with only minor differences suggests a company with no moral or ethical consideration to the consumer, and as such, the product must be expected to be poor. Profit in this case supersedes product.

  • Android is Better

    Androids app store and options are so much more vast than Apple's. Plus more apps are free and you can download music into your music player instead of getting an app just for that. Android battery life is not as good as Apple but Androids work with less glitches. Get Andoid

  • No, but I think it is definitely one of the best.

    I think the Samsung Galaxy really gives the iPhone a run for its money! Whether or not the iPhone is the best on the market is a very subjective question. It really depends on who you ask that question to. But I do prefer the iPhone to its competitors, by far!

  • No, it is not the best cell phone on the market.

    "Best" does not simply mean "does the most," and the best phone for anyone is the phone that serves any one individual's purposes the best. My best option is not an iphone, which I currently have. I'm sorry that I made the choice. I prefer a dumb phone, along with the lower bill. The dumb phone suited my purposes just fine.

  • Newest is not always the best.

    When a new iPhone model comes out, thousands scramble to the nearest Apple store to purchase it. Why? Because most people believe newer is better. This is not always the case. iPhone has many flaws. One hit to the floor and your shiny screen is cracked, forcing you to pay up to 100 dollars for a new one. Wouldn't a simple keyboard phone or a Nokia be more practical and efficient?

  • Not the best

    We should consider the fact of the lifetime of the battery is shit. They have the fastest processor (true) but they have very small batteries so that may be the cause of the loss of the lifetime. Another thing is that we have to consider is that the lightning cables are bad quality, you have to buy because they break fast asf. The screen is also shit. My father has a 6S and he has changed screen like 3 times, but the camera is good and the software. There are a lot of apple fanboys thinking apple is the best when it isnt. You can compare these phones with pc processors intel vs amd. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE PRICE AND BRAND not for tech if that is what you want.

  • It's good but

    I must admit: the IPhone is one of the very best like no one ever was out there, but from the last (6 and 6s) the 6 isn't worth it, the SE is way better and 6s is too big and it isn't the nicest feeling while one handed use. Also that the app and music thing is not cheap. Also in my opinion the Apple Watch just isn't worth it

  • Its now an awe of the past i mean

    Come on be sensible HTC is now on-top of iPhone even if we ignore the fact that it has android the king of mobile OS its hardware is competent better body better camera mmm esp camera iPhone is killing us with 8 megapixels . A lot of other phone are there to just put it out of action ,i wont mention Samsung its in its own league... IPhone is for apple hedonistic people and iPhone acolytes ...Slaves to brand who are looking for something to better their poor self image and society status because us technical geeks appreciate technological innovation not induced ,subjective opinion.....Dr naz

  • A waste of money.

    All iphones are the same. The only little changes are the style through out the years, The glass screen breaks very easily and your paying an arm and a lag for nothing but the name. Just because everyone has does not mean I have to have one to feel special.

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