Is the IRS appropriately responsible to consumer issues regarding tax issues?

  • Yes, they are

    The IRS should be forthcoming, but they are not. I know all they want is money and that's the bottom line. Its why you have lawyers that fight them, they should be more forthcoming about everything,but they are not. It's not up to the person to know every little detail they should help more.

  • Yes, the IRS is responsible to consumer issues regarding tax issues.

    Yes, the IRS is responsible to consumers regarding tax issues. The IRS is the collector of taxes and as such is solely responsible for all tax issues. If a consumer has an issue regarding taxes, there is no higher authority responsible for dealing with these issues. As such, the IRS acts appropriately in dealing with such issues, in accordance with the many laws and regulations surrounding taxes.

  • Not Really Related

    I fail to see how the IRS has anything to do with the taxes consumers pay. Taxes collected by businesses generally go to local agencies, not the federal government or the IRS. Consumers are buyers and yes they pay taxes, but those taxes are not related to the IRS and there is no way the IRS is responsible for a consumers problems.

  • They target people.

    No, the IRS is not appropriately responsible to consumer issues because they target specific groups. There are hearing going on right now that have to do with whether they targeted Tea Party groups to make it hard for them to be tax-exempt. They are not only not responsive, but they are predatory.

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