• Yes, the IRS is too strict.

    The IRS has long been the butt of many a popular joke and the subject of many horror stories for something unwitting individuals. While we obviously should take such popular lore with a grain of salt, there is definitely more than a kernel of truth to the perception of the IRS as blood-sucking, stone-hearted hard asses. Would it really hurt anyone to lend a little more understanding and leniency to the process?

  • There rules, don't like it, don't live here

    The IRS is a hassle. We all know it and all complain about it. But we have to abide by there ruls whether we like it or not. My theory is as always, you do not like something, do not do it. But, with the IRS, do bot like them, do not live in the U.S.

  • No the IRS is not too strict because they don't write the rules and laws the Congress does.

    The problems with the rules and regulations that make up the United States' Tax Code are not the fault of the IRS, but of the Congress of the United States. It is the responsibility of the Congress to write the tax code and they are the ones who need simplify it!

  • The IRS does not directly control the rules that they must abide by

    If the rules are too strict than that is a problem for the congress and executive branch of the US government. The IRS does not have the luxury to pick and choose what laws to adhere. Like most bureaucratic organizations, they must abide by governmental restrictions and regulations. They should not choose or voice opinion as to what they will follow or how they will govern themselves. If there are restrictions that are too stringent, then the congress should alter those regulations through their process.

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